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While I love the Duc, like Longride I just don't fit no matter what I try. Test rode an ST-3s a few weeks ago. I don't even fit that. Hellooo, gym!

Britmags have been grumbling about little touches they feel are cheap on the 1098. The nylon preload adjuster made me remember some hot complaints that BIKE had....
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I don't understand this, "And here’s a tip for any 1098S owner who loses control and crashes while tapped out in fifth gear on their local back road: Don’t download your DDA to your laptop while the cops are investigating or you’ll incriminate yourself into a ride in the back seat of a Crown Victoria."
Are you saying you're in trouble because you cleared out the memory or because the cops will look at your laptop or something else?
\"What you possess in the world will be found at the day of your death to belong to someone else. But what you are will be yours forever.\"
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At 6'4", expected to be cramped. Pleasantly surprised. Even when caught in traffic. I'd ride this bike every day.
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The idea is that if you download your illegal activity to your laptop, the cops would have some incriminating evidence!
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You guys are bigger than I thought - maybe I figured you are all the size of Gabe or Lee Parks or johnnyb. My own Ducati (907IE, and if you say "I have one, too", I won't believe you) fits me OK, and took me about 1000 miles this last weekend - I'm 5' 9" and weigh about 215 lbs in boots, helmet and heavy leather. I grant that the high footpegs left my knees a little sore. Or do you folks magically shrink when you get near a Japanese 4-banger?
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Buddy of mine whos 6'2" probably about 225 sat on my 1098s and said "This is a sportbike I could own". He currently rides a ZRX1200r for trackdays to have room. The 1098 is suprising comfy for most people. I did a 600 mile day on mine with no issues.
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You have too many toys. Send some over to me for a bit.
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I wonder how many of these are going to be used versus parked in some garage 99% of the time? I know their production numbers aren't that large, but it's hard to find a Duc, especially the exotica, at the Bike Nights etc.
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Good question. I see a few Ducks around here but the vast majority are Monsters. I seldom ever see one of the sportbikes. Though there is one guy where I work who commutes on a 748. Pure masochism.
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Exclamation gosh, what bright lites...

Nice review, no really...still in shock from reliable lover 1.0 having put on makeup, black ****tail dress, hose with garters, and blood-red heels although she's still stumbling a bit, but... Dang! 2.0 Looks Good.
Need to sit down.
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