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I alternate between the external speakers on my BMW and my B/T helmet (JM Audio).

Around town and in traffic I don't like music in the helmet. I keep the tunes low and through the external speakers.

When cruising outside of heavy traffic, I keep it on external speakers. The sound is good up to about 60 MPH. Above that you can't hear much. At that point I switch to helmet speakers (I can do all this from the scroll wheel) unless it's heavy freeway traffic where the music stays off.

I listened to a Dodger game on my way to San Luis Obispo to get a sandwich. It was pretty nice and helps pass the time.
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I have my phone hooked up to my autocomm. I just put it on random and let it go.
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Who needs music? I'm never close to being bored while riding.
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Keep 'em comin', fellas!
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Ministry's version of "Supernaut" would be a gas if I was riding some badass power cruiser.
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Originally Posted by jmdonald View Post
My personal choice is to run silent. It is all about becoming one with my motorcycle.

Well said, I listen to the engine and the wind or I'll sing something if I feel the need. I don't think I'd like the distraction and I'm half deaf anyway so it's kind of a moot point.
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Default Meditative Task

There is something to be said of the fact that riding can be meditative. Everyone is different when it comes to external stimulus. In school I could not study with music on. When reading I prefer quiet. When assembling or working on something I like a little background music. Pink Floyd, The Who, Kinks, Jeff Beck, Rolling Stones. To name a few. If I need to reach the higher plane of effectiveness quiet is best for me. It's like wine. All you need to know is what you like/works best for you.
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i listen the sound of wind while riding
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