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The Spaceman 12-28-2012 10:51 AM

How on earth did Guzzi manage to build a vibration issue into a 90-degree V-Twin? A super smooth engine should have been a big plus for the Racer over the Thrux. It's a shame. And I have a feeling that the number-plate stuff would get old sooner than later...if it was a one-off custom, sure, but the first time you see another one at Bike Night, it's going to suck.

I liked the side-by-side comparison photos of each bike's ergonomics. Seeing the angles and distances in print doesn't help much compared to photos of a rider on each bike.

jmdonald 12-28-2012 01:16 PM

Thruxton Love
The Guzzi looks good but for my money I'll have a Thruxton. It should be about 50 lbs. lighter though. I thought the ergonomics on the Triumph were very comfortable when inspected in Long Beach. It seemed like you were sitting in the bike not on it. It is definitely in my top five. As usual you guys really do a good job with these reviews.

Kevin_Duke 12-28-2012 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by The Spaceman (Post 279291)
I liked the side-by-side comparison photos of each bike's ergonomics. Seeing the angles and distances in print doesn't help much compared to photos of a rider on each bike.

We set up those pics for exactly that purpose. Glad it was appreciated!

Duken4evr 12-28-2012 04:09 PM

Interesting comparison. I really want to like the Guzzi for it's sound and looks, but it is 25 hp shy of being of interest. Would be a really cool bike with 65 easy going hp for the same price. A single cylinder DRZ 400 (with a pipe and a real carb on it, not the CV) cranks out more ponies(43ish) than that thing. Are you sure there was not an Italian shop rag left in the intake?

The Triumph is a good bike. Reliable as can be, fun but not stupid power, very handy to ride, looks nice. It would be a sweet additional bike.

Lusting after their triples though. Cake and eat it too bikes. Cool sound and they all have good power for their displacements. The Tiger 800 is of interest. Not retro of course, but just talking a fun to ride and go wherever balanced motorcycle that is of a bombproof and easy to keep nature.

seruzawa 12-28-2012 06:06 PM

Actually there have been cafe style Triumphs for a bit longer than 10 years. As I recall Triumphs (and Beezers and Nortons) were the original cafe racers. Sportsters were built to meet the demand for lighter bikes that US servicemen brought back from Britain after WWII as well. Like cruisers and choppers it was users who customized the stock bikes. Many years later the factories caught on with the GPz-style bikes that morphed into Gixxers, etc. The evolution of the whole thing is very interesting.

Fangit1 12-29-2012 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by sliphorn (Post 279285)
The Guzzi isn't about power. Sort of like the 883 Sporty. It's a whole different ball game. I rode the V7 Stone and it was plenty 'nuff for it's intended role.
In fact, I enjoyed it because of what it is. I've got a 1050 Sprint for madness. The V7 is just plain FUN.

I recommend a test ride.

I know Guzzis aren't about power. If they were, the V7 would be at least 50 hp shy of the mark. It deserves to produce at least 50 or 60 hp to avoid being relegated to the fashionista poseur brigade, a bit like Harleys and as a former Guzzi owner I would have hoped Guzzi would never have stooped that low. Hell even the original V7 way back in 1974 made 62hp! I guess the best solution is to buy an old 850 Lemans (with about 75hp) and build your own proper cafe racer. Now that would have the looks and be properly fun to ride.

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