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Originally Posted by jmdonald View Post
Wouldn't it make more sense to divide the kilowatt hours to charge by the miles ridden instead of some contrived miles per gallon metric?
.... instead of some contrived miles per gallon metric?

You answered your own question. The EPA's figures can be anything they wish it to be.

These are the people who are adopting fleet standards of 54.4 mpg by 2025. This means that to make up for 15-20 mpg trucks there will have to be cars in large numbers getting 60-70 mpg. I doubt that it can be done in cars that can carry 4 adults with all the bells and whistles... they all eat energy y'know. Even with stratified charge engines. Gasoline just doesn't contain that much energy.

I imagine it will boil down to making everyone do with less, unless you are one of the special elite.
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Originally Posted by Buzglyd View Post
Who towed you home?

Ha ha!
No towing, silly! We used a truck.
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