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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post
Most of us don't have your slim, boyish figure, KD!

The saddle is pretty much maxxed out with one on board...
Well, okay, not many adults share my frame. In fact, some boys are bigger than me! But I still think the 800 might be able to do the job. Have you tried one out for size?

Earlier today I was riding Husky's new TR650 Strada and Terra, and that "little" Thumper could get up to nearly 120 mph. Then I thought about the T120 Bonneville, which had a similar top speed and was the bad-ass bike of the 1960s. The Tiger 800 can blow that away. Sure, the '60s was a long time ago, but still...
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Like pushrod sez it's the size more than the power. The 800 Tiger is just to cramped for two plus sized Americans.

You also feel the power loss less with more displacement when you ride at very high altitudes like we do. Frequently over 8000 feet.

An SV650 alone has more power then any bike I could have bought in 1967. No doubt about modern bikes' capabilities. That Kawasaki650 in my avatar picture probably got 40hp on a good day and though it would go about 110 it rattled your teeth out to try it. Oh yeah, and that double-leading front drum brake was pretty sad.
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