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Default Honda 919 (50.000 K) jerky drive

Hi there ,

It's full Spring here and enjoy riding in this season.
When excellerating in low gear and handling in lower gears I get
a severe jerkiness when grasping the throttle and releasing it.
For a long time I believed it was because of my cush drive , but since I replaced that last Sunday when getting new tires , that ruled it out.
It feels like it's coming from the small drive and the jerkiness slowly decreases when shifting up. My throttle responds because of this is horrible , and I can't seem to find the reason for it. I can a new drive chain set , not longer than a year ago , and started feeling it since then , but always expected it to go away once the cush drive was replaced. But the opposite is true and it actually seems to be a little more worse now.

The 919 has a cam chain tensioner and I wonder if that may be the reason , it has never been adjusted. Also the drive chain set I got was as followed , Honda Chain , Honda Big gear , and third party small gear, I can't but help thinking the chain drive was installed incorrectly and that the small gear might be causing the jerkiness, but i know every bike has some initial draw back when releasing the throttle , but I hear a profound clacking sound and there seems to be a half second delay before all the teeth are in sinc on the drive...

Please any thoughts from you might be encouraging , thank you

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Originally Posted by The_AirHawk View Post
no cheap "fix" for it
Unless maybe the chain is badly out of adjustment.......or the new chain or other parts you got are defective......or were installed wrong.
Having the rear tire/sprocket not running true can cause it too.

A quick inspection by a shop would be in order, I think.

(And please post your questions in only ONE thread at a time, please.)
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