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Default I rode my bike to trailer week ...

I rode my bike to trailer week…. Part 1
The Adventure Begins

So all the weeks of anticipation and no real planning, outside a place to stay when we got down there, came and went in what felt like a moment. A fun and albeit brief moment, however a few moments in time that will stick with me for the rest of my days. I know that it will be difficult to truly convey my experience but I will try. I guess the best place to start would be from the beginning.
Thursday March 8, 2012: The day before the ride
It was actually a nice day, of course there were some factors that were in place that had me doubting that the ride was gonna kick off on the 9th of March 2012. To start my daughter had gotten really sick the day before so I stayed home with her for part of the day then ended up going into the office later on in the afternoon. I still had a few projects at work to button up before leaving the next day. My head really wasn’t into anything really, but the ride and my kid. More so was the fact that I hadn’t ridden the Widow in well over a month. So I took the bike into NYC to get reacquainted. To be honest I felt sloppy and rusty in the saddle but after 20 or so miles we found our rhythm. My pony and I have a very special relationship. I treat her well and she keeps me safe. That the deal.
So while putting in a late night at the office and getting everything squared I headed home. My buddy Pete was already at the house. The deal was to get an early start the next day. Now everything up to this point had fallen apart, promises made and support offered became nonexistent. Others bailed out on the trip while a certain few that wanted to come just couldn’t get the time or plainly afford to do it. Pete and I would be on our own once we left New Jersey. No support vehicle, just two riders, our steel horses, and the road.
This just seemed fitting to be honest. I was still getting calls telling me to just cancel the trip or just trailer the bikes. One I wouldn’t cancel and two, HELLL NO I won’t trailer. The only time the bike is on a trailer is because she needed some shop time and I had to leave her there.
This was something that I had to do. I took it on myself to prove that this lil 250cc single rigid could handle this trip. That it has to do more with the rider than it did the machine. Man, am I ever dumber than a box of rocks some days, LoL. To say that I was determined to prove the naysayers wrong would be an understatement. I had a feeling that certain people didn’t believe in me or the bike and thought I would fail. I more wanted to do this as a rub in their face.
I still hadn’t packed, I guess I was hoping beyond hope that someone would ride up or call and state that the support vehicle was there. That never happened. Still had to get the horses (motorcycles) into the garage for the night. So I did what I had to do, I got to packing my little fender bag, that Al from PIT got me for this trip. And get the scoots put away. The weather looked decent with a high of 55*(12C) but a low of 25* (-3C) for the ride out the next day.

you can read the rest here I Rode My Bike to Trailer Week... Part 1 - C C W *t h a *R i d e r s
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Before you get too full of yourself:

Dude rides mower across America for Sears | Adweek
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