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$3,200? My first thought was just get a Ninja 250 for that. Then I see the MSRP on the Ninja is about 4.2K. When did a sub $3,000 bike become an over $4,000 bike? Sheesh. Who says we don't have inflation.

Of course the toughtest competitor for "Tha Misfit" is the used bike market. One can find clean used Ninjas all day long. Better to grab one of those. This thing would be of far more interest for $1,500, but not 3K. 3K is too much for a disposable conveyance.
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Default exspensive cheap motorcycle.

I doubt that they sold 5000, MC should verify before publishing numbers like that, they are playing on a likely false claim and that is simply not right.

The little bike is worth about 2.5k if that and only with a real good warranty and even then its pricey.

Also the modification is illegal and so is selling it, keep doing that and we will all be offered only bikes like the CB250R for less and with way more clean power.

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