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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post

How did the Explorer compare to your GS? Did you climb aboard?
It was very similar, I didn't ride it so I can't make an objective statement but sitting on it makeing motor noise's it felt pretty good. That was in stock form too, my GS is dialed in to fit me with a Russell Day-Long, Touratech risers and adjustable desert pegs. Stock for stock I'd say the Trumpy was a correct fit right out of the box, but again I didn't ride one so that's the ultimate litmus.

Pricewise they were tossing around the $14k range. Fit and finish and componant quality seemed comparable, though in my experiance Triumph cheaps out on some fastners where-as BMW is generally benchmark quality throughout. I would expect the triple to be a little stronger than the twin, it was heavier but the seat was a little lower so I think overall rideability should be good, I was certainly impressed and would definately buy one if I were in the market.

Plus it's not an "old mans" geezermobile like the Tiger so that's a plus for us younger fellers...
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Thanks! It looks to be quite a while before I see one...
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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
Not sure why anyone thinks the V-Twin Tuono wasn't powerful enough.
Cause where A-mer-cans, we always need more power! And we like our cruisers to weight 800lbs.
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