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Administrator 12-07-2011 12:02 PM

2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster SuperLow Review

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<a href="">2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster SuperLow Review</a>

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The Spaceman 12-08-2011 05:13 AM

What are the new wheel and tire sizes, and in what way did they alter the stance of the bike?

From the photos, it looks like the rear doesn't droop as much as the previous version.

trenttheuncatchable 12-08-2011 07:23 AM

"But as noted, given some time in the saddle, this peccadillo will fade from the rider’s conscience."

The rider is probably not feeling guilty about anything, so the word should be changed to "consciousness".

- your friendly, neighborhood, unpaid, unofficial editor.

schizuki 12-08-2011 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by The Spaceman (Post 271949)
What are the new wheel and tire sizes

"The plump 120/70 x 18 front bun does a good job of mitigating road imperfections..."

"New 5-spoke Split wheels, 18-inch front, 17-inch rear..."

Didn't see an exact size for the rear, and the Harley website says nothing. Probably because nobody ever checks specs on a Harley.

jjn 12-08-2011 06:04 PM

Thanks for road testing the HD Superlow. I retired from an HD dealership just last Sept and moved to the island of Hawaii. I sold my second Sportster, a 2006 XL883 ("standard" model), and miss it a lot. I like the new XR1200, but have some reservations about it. If I decided to get another new XL it would either be the Superlow or the Iron 883. Your test bike has a dual seat, but the SL comes with a solo seat. It's a good soo seat I hear because they gained some space for padding by moving the black box to the steering head on this model. It's also the first HD to come stock with radial tires, and the only model using these new wheels. I do not like the SL stock handlebars, and would much prefer the flatter bars like my 2006 XL883 had, which I consider about the perfect bars on a street bike.I am concerned that I wouldn't like the lack of cornering clearance as I was able to really lean my 2006 over and have some fun "spirited" riding. The big tank is a good feature as are the mid controls in my opinion. The bike would be about perfect if it came with the longer standard suspension and the flatter bars. The Iron has the flat bars but also the lowered suspension.

Anyway, thanks again for the review.

Jon in Keaau, Hawaii

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