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Default mileage on used bikes?

We are trying to decide between:
a 2004 Goldwing with 49K miles for $10,000
a 2005 Elctra Classic w/17K miles for $9500.00

I am kinda leaning toward the Harley with lesser miles because it is newer and has less miles, but my husband is thinking that the Goldwing is more comfortable and even with 3X the miles he thinks it will be less maintenance in the long run.

Is there any data or schools of thought that can help us make a decision.
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Neither bike's engine is near what I would call "worn out" (if it has been maintained satisfactorily). It comes down to overall condition of the machine, and what "Fits" you - both physically, and emotionally. Buying a Motorcycle is NOT a Rational Decision.

All things being (somewhat) equal: Get the one that "calls" to you.
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Thanks, you sound like my husband (who is normally very rational). I am amazed at how this motorcycle thing effects grown men.
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Also, you need to consider which kind of weirdo you want to associate with, the Harley crowd or the 'Wingers.

And then there is the fashion issue...

As far as the bikes, it's as the 'Hawk said - it depends on your taste in sound and looks, and how many doo-dads you want.

Your primary requirement is the comfort of the pillion, and both candidates have fairly comfy accommodations for the passenger.
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If they're used bikes, and you're going to use them for trips, then both of you saddle up and take them for a spin to see which one suits you better. They're very different bikes, so it should become pretty obvious which one is the one for you once you both get on it.
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People get waaay in excess of 100K miles on Goldwings. Some people claim over 200K. The main differences are going to be a lot more power from the Goldwing but a lot worse fuel mileage. Either bike is extremely comfortable. If you like 1/2 ton barges.
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Maintainance cost on the Wing will be higher overall. Harley's require little more than oil changes and the occasional spark plug. As long as the Harley is unmolested, IE stock exhaust and airbox then it will be as close to bullet proof as you'll find. The GW just by the complex nature of the bike will be more costly from a maintainance point of view.
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I had lunch last week with a friend who has almost 190,000 miles on his 2006 GW and has no plans for replacing it. Im not even at 100,000 miles on mine.
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