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Default Water seeping in through my KBC Visor

Hello guys,
New here. I hope i have posted in the right section.
I have a KBC VR1x Helmet and i noticed there is a gap between the visor and the shell on the top.and water seeps in through it
Rain riding is close to impossible with it.I tried resetting the visor but in vain.Whats wrong here?

Thank you
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Perhaps it is missing a piece of "gasketing" or other seal on the top edge of the visor-opening?

New? Or have you had it awhile?
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Originally Posted by RMN View Post
I tried resetting the visor but in vain.Whats wrong here?
Poor design. I had an HJC like that.
It had a terrible wind roar at speed.
A strip of stick-on foam weather strip fixed the wind problem; don't know about rain.
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RMN, Welcome to the site!

I'm not familiar with the KBC, but is there an adjustment in the side mounts that would allow you to move the shield?

Failing that, you might try putting a smear of silicone grease on the gasket and visor hinge. It may be sticking somewhere, and not seating properly.
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It's a $100 helmet. You get what you pay for.
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It may not be the proper shield for that lid.
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Nope the gasket is intact and the Helmet is hardly a yr/600km's old.
@Easy Rider
Hmm...that should be the case.I have solution for i though .
thanks for the welcome
I tried resetting quite a bit.doesn't seem to be working.Looks like a design flaw but strange that i couldn't find any such case while searching!
yeah that seems to be the only logical explanation! this one is just a temporary one for the next 6-8 months before ill be able to get a better one.
@A Star
Nah,it is.the visor came with it and the mounts are specific for this Model

Thanks a lot for your replies guys.I have a simple solution by just adding a small layer of rubber beading but just wanted to make sure if this Helmet is known to have this issue.Strangely the first time i rode in rain-water never seeped in!

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