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Default Opinions on demo bikes

Hey Guys,

I've been looking at a new bike recently to replace my old one. Some of the dealers have been mentioning some previous year's demo bikes they have in stock off the type I'm looking for. I'm not completely against buying one. I'm sure the question of whether you go demo or not has been asked multiple times but I just figured I'd see what you guys say.

Also, the main question I'm having right now is concerning a demo price quote which at the time is including set up and shipping charges. No I know technically the bike is still considered new but I feel like these should only be applied to someone buying a new new bike and that she's should be considered a cost of the dealership since they shipped it and set it up for themselves to use. I'm I totally in the wrong here? Do you think its feasible to negotiate these fees off the price?

Thanks in advance!
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I got a 2007 Triumph Tiger w/ABs and luggage for $7500 plus prep and shipping charges in Feb 2010. New price with abs is about $13K plus luggage another 1.5K. So I got about half price. Full 2 year warranty started when I bought it. You can try to negotiate the price, but remember the dealer has to eat and pay his bills just like anyone.
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Originally Posted by kyle.s.owings View Post
I'm sure the question of whether you go demo or not has been asked multiple times but I just figured I'd see what you guys say.
I don't remember it being discussed here much at all.
If it comes with the full "new" warranty, what's to worry about, really ??

As for the price, the ONLY thing that matters is the bottom line.
They may still have to show those items on their invoice because of internal accounting rules.

When I bought my car recently and we got down to the point of finalizing the deal, I asked the salesman if he could discount the final price by an amount equal to the shipping and doc and prep fees. He didn't even have to ask anybody; I think that was about $700. Deal done.

Those items still showed up on the invoice though; he took the $700 off the price of the car.......or added it to the trade-in, don't remember.

Don't get stuck on the details; just look at the bottom line.
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Plus, if sales tax is paid on the price of the bike, not the doc and prep fees.

The lower the price of the actual motorcycle, the less tax you pay.
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Damn. Smoking hot deal on that Tiger Seruzawa!

I bought a '10 Husaberg FE450 dirt bike demo with 7 hours on it for $5,495 OTD. The dealer waived the set up and freight fees. MSRP on the bike is 9.4K

There are deals out there. A few miles/hours on the bike does not bother me at all. I figure I will own it many years and ride the hell out of it anyway. Lower price does mean lower taxes of course. The savings multiply.
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My Trophy was a demo and was trouble free the whole time I owned it. I rarly buy current year bikes if I can avoid it. My GS is a leftover '09 model with 3 miles on it and $1500 off and a discount on the factory Vario cases. The 2010's are a different cam design and uses shims and buckets, I'd rather have the previous iteration with screw and locknut adjusters anyway.
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The price would be the driver on that decision for me. Unless you were offered a substantial savings like Seru got on his Triumph, I'd pass.
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