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Default Cafe Racer on HD Theater

Anybody else diggin' on this show? The first season was good, this one is better. It's the anti-"American Choppers". Tasty bikes, no douchebags, and a roll-your-own, you-can-do-it-cheap ethos.
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Is it on the internet? Link?
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Default I like it

I agree. I could care less about creating a Cafe Racer Identity for myself but the show definately has some merit.
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Squid Killer
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Its great to see a network taking a chance on a motorcycle show of quality and not another useless chopper show.
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The Spaceman
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I watched the first 2 shows. One was in the UK, centered around the Ace Cafe, the other covered Billy Joel's bikes. It looked ok, but nothing to get worked up about. Maybe its worth a look at season 2.
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