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Default brand reliability

Most anyone who comments on the reliability of a particular brand of motorcycle usually relays their own personal experience. That's understandable I guess.

Are there any objective statistics about brand reliability?

For cars, there are stats on what problems come up and how often. Companies such as JD Power have been made semi-famous for compiling some objective stats. (Not to say this type of info is the definitive statement on reliability, but it at least tracks what the most common issues may be) Is the same done for motorcycles?

I have heard from owners of all bikes (Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Harley, etc) rave about how reliable their particular bike has been but of course there are other owners who have not had the luck. Instead of just going on anecdotal evidence, is there some other info out there to go on in addition to these stories?
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Look at the warranties they offer. That will give you a clue.
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It's pretty hard to buy a "bad" bike these days. Certain brands have had certain issues in the past such as Honda voltage regulator/rectifiers and frame breakage on new Gold Wings, Harley Davidson had some trouble with the first year cam bearings on the twin cam models, BMW has had some Final Drive failures, Suzuki has had frame breakage issues on the GSXR's etc, but those were mostly a small percentage of the bikes in question and have been remedied by now. As long as you don't buy some Chinese POS you should be fine.
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