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Default 1st Motorcycle Help

I just rode a motorcycle for the first time in my life today. I am currently taking a motorcycle safety course, and I'm really enjoying it. But as I'm thinking about getting my first bike, it all seems quite overwhelming. I'd love to get some advice. I've narrowed the selection down to three bikes, but I'm definitely open to other suggestions.

All the bikes I looked at seem to have comparable gas mileage and max speed/power. However, I've read about belt vs. chain driven bikes, maintenance problems with certain manufacturers, etc. I need some advice from those of you who know the nuances of the industry.

My Bike Options

1. Honda Rebel 250 (any year?)
2. Yamaha V Star 250 (any year?)
3. Suzuki TU250 (any year?)


1. I'm 5'8" and 150 lbs
2. I'm looking for economy. I want great gas mileage, cheap insurance, etc.
3. While I want economy, I don't want to pay less for a bike that's going to require constant maintenance. I want a reasonable amount of quality for the price I pay.
4. I don't care about power, tricks, or going super fast. I commute 55 miles round trip each day, on semi-back roads that have a max speed of 55 (and I only go 5 over).
5. I might take my wife on some short rides (she's 5'3" at 115 lbs), but we won't do that too often.

Thanks for the help!
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The bikes you listed are all decent bikes. Spend the money up front and get a bike that's 3-5 years old. The depreciation has stopped it's plunge and they'll be in good shape so you won't need many repairs. 250s are around $4k new, you should be able to find one that's a few years old for half that easily.

Start with a naked standard (feet below you, no expensive plastic) bike like the TU250. You'll know after driving that if you want to lean back a bit more (cruiser) or zip around more (sportier bike).

The 250s should be pretty comfortable for you. I felt a bit cramped on one, but I'm 6'2" and 230#.
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Originally Posted by Captain Steve View Post
The bikes you listed are all decent bikes. Spend the money up front and get a bike that's 3-5 years old.
I'd lean toward the TU250 too but they have only been out a couple of years and finding used ones might be kind of hard.

Don't discount the GZ 250 completely. A lot of new riders, and some old ones, find it to be a fine little bike. It does have cruiser style forward controls though........and needs one little mod to fix it up.
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You might also consider the Suzuki GZ250. There are a lot of them around and they are less expensive than the Hondas. For some reason people think their 5 year old Rebels are worth new bike price. Buy used and ride for a year and then resell for hardly any loss and get what you should will then know you really want.
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Add a Nighthawk 250 to your list of considerations. And an older (2007-) Ninja 250 is always a decent option.
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