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The Earth is going to shatter because I agree with Ken. Ural dealers, few as they are have fallen like flies. The bikes make Royal Enfields look like BMWs quality-wise. A Ural would be worse than owning a boat or an 80" Flathead Harley.

Don't do it! Think of your family!
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I don't own one, but my friend (cohost) does and I've observed a bit about it.

Totally agree about the interstate comment. When we went on a roadtrip, the Ural was *punishing* him on the interstate. It got bad enough that we shorted the trip and called for a trailer to take him and it back. He said he had to give it a rest every few hours to let it cool down. He's mildly curious to see how it would be with a windshield, but neither of us think it'd make a huge difference.

He's mechanically inclined and thinks of the thing as being very-very simple to work on. While I'm wrenching on the Buell, he sends me the Ural diagrams which are very very simple for giggles. I believe he says its the easiest bike to work on he's had. He's also had good things to say about the support. They recognize the lack of dealers and seem real good at remote support (again, being mechanically inclined).

Overall, he loves it. Wouldn't give it up.

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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post
+1 to all the above.

The later ones are much better than older ones, and they are not powerful enough for the superslab.

Of course, you can buy an older one and toss the engine, and replace it with a newer BMW mill.
Well yes, but you will lose the reverse gear!
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