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Originally Posted by Dr_Sprocket View Post
I had a pair just like these, when I was in the Air Force. The were a P.I.T.A. to break in and polish for inspection. Blech! I much preferred these:
Army Style Speedlace Combat Boots, Leather Upper

Or, these:
New Altama Black Military Combat Boots
(Of course, I know these don't offer as much protection for motorcycling.)
I usually chose something in a summer weight with a textile upper when my unit did the annual boot purchasing. But side-zip boots we're always my favorite! No choice anymore for AF; just blue moss in no-polish suede. Kids these days have it so easy. LOL

As for this debate about bright colors vs. stealth black, here's my $0.02 ... Cars hit each other thousands (if not millions) of times every day. If a driver isn't paying attention they'll hit you no matter what you're wearing. So protect yourself and ride defensively!

I ride everyday, rain or shine, in Miami. My bike is ferarri red with loud drag pipes. I wear a red/black jacket with reflective piping and a red/chrome helmet. I'm confident driver's know I'm there, but "quick reaction" situations come up almost daily. That's why I make it my responsibility to be a better operator than those around me.

Great job, Dennis, showing other new riders how to do it right! Hopefully, some were paying attention and will follow your example.
"There is no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge. It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan." - from the film Cube
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In regards to the fuel gauge, did you have the bike on the side stand when you parked it overnight? I know with my 650 Honda that the fuel gauge will read differently after sitting for some time if the bike is on the side stand versus the centerstand. Nothing really wrong with the gauge just that the fuel is not sitting level against the sensor when the bike is parked on the side stand.

Nice first ride report!

1984 Honda Nighthawk cb650sc
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Default no?

I dont understand your talk of wifebeaters - I thought we were talking mc here. When I used the word minimice - it was about the lenght of a boot - should not be minimised as to a shoelenght. If you are unconcuios it is not easy to move the vike away from you. it is a sometime since I wrote this words here, but sometimes it is not so urgent to answer when you get replies like yours.
ThM - Norway

QUOTE=newagetwotone;262809]I'm guessing THM missed that part of English class where you learn that words have different meanings.

Minimal =/= optimal

On top of that half the people you see starting out are in wife beaters, khaki shorts and chuck taylors. Not to mention, unless you are talking about armored boots, "Motorcycle boots" don't do jack crap for you over other leather boots except give for give the manufacturers a ton of extra money because it says "Motorcycle" on it. A pair of jump boots will do just as well and cost half as much:

Military Style Steel Toe Combat or Jump Boots

Something wrong with those? Because, personally? I'd rather see people starting off riding in a pair of cheap jump boots a decent jacket and helmet than say "Screw it I can't afford it!" Because the helmet, jacket and boots are going to cost them $800. Let alone gloves, armored pants, ect. The fact is that going down is going to hurt regardless.

By the way, I have never seen or heard of anyone going down and getting their leg stuck under an exhaust... I've gone down with my leg under and exhaust and pulled it out but I've never heard of anyone exhaust grappling them.[/quote]
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Urban Dictionary: wife beater

As for boots it is recommended at minimum they cover your ankles, yes more is better but some leather over your ankle is much better than none.
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