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Default Shaking issues please help

I have a 99 Honda Shadow Aero 1100 and just had the tire replaced it was pretty bald. After I picked it up I noticed a new shake especially between 40 to 50 ish at a cruising speed. It feels like an up/down movement. The tire was replaced and rebalanced with no change of symptoms. I just jacked up the front end and the bars move lock to lock cleanly. I didn't notice any abnormal wear on the rotor from a caliper being hung up either... Anyone have any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by cmhonda View Post
The tire was replaced and rebalanced with no change of symptoms.
Are you SURE that the tire was replaced that second time......I mean REALLY sure......like you SAW the tire off the rim ???

Raise the front end and spin the wheel.

What you describe is classic "out of round" and isn't all that unusual for a new bike tire. What is unusual is the shop being willing to replace it without diagnosing the problem first. That leads me to believe that they really didn't.

It is even possible that they damaged your rim and don't want to admit it (not likely if you have alloy wheels).

P.S. You are running recommended pressure in the tire, right.........and NOT what's on the sidewall ??
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I agree with ER2, sounds like the shop got you a bum tire, or damaged something along the way.
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1. Call around and see if you can find a shop with a laser alignment rack. It can make a huge difference.

2. Rejack the front and look for play in the forks where they meet the steering head. There should be none.

3. What brand and type of tire did you install? There's some crappy tires out there that will never run smooth. Find a Honda Shadow forum and see what's posted there for tire recommendations.
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im no expert but if its not the tire or brakes could it be the bearings where the triple tree meets the frame
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never mind i see Morbo the Destroyer already talked about that issue
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