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Default dealing with dealers

never bought a bike before,how much over or under msrp is the norm . i know the rules for car buying and i never pay those addded charges like "dealer prep", hows it work for new bikes?
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You can use the same frame of reference at the motorcycle dealers as you use at the car dealers. It didn't used to be that way; buying a motorcycle used to be like making new friends. Now the M/C dealers teach the sales people the very same tactics and sales processes that the auto guys use. It's a damn shame that buying a motorcycle has devolved into the same degrading experience that car buying has been for decades.

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I buy most everything used. I don't succomb to the gotta have it factor at all except for food. I used to but would rather hold onto my money as much as possable.
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Originally Posted by greg27 View Post
i know the rules for car buying ......
It depends on exactly where you live......and how far you are willing to travel.

If you are in a large metro area with multiple bike dealers, it's likely to be more like negotiating a car price. If you are in a rural area and there is only one bike dealer withing 200 miles.......then they aren't gonna be as flexible.

It depends some on model too. If it's a real popular model in your area, they may not discount any at all. If it's already marked down from list by a good bit, they might not go any lower either.

Feel them out a bit and think about whether or not you have any real leverage. If you try and tell them what they must do.........most places will invite you to leave.
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In most cases you're going to pay MSRP. The volumes simply aren't there to allow much wiggle room for a dealership. If I buy new I try to find a left over model from last year, they usually discount those to get them off the floor, but for the most part plan on paying MSRP+freight+set-up.

Set-up is the one you have to watch, that's what the dealer is saying his labor cost is to uncrate the bike, attach anything that needs attaching check the oil and tires and get the bike ready to sell. $250 ~ $500 to set up a touring bike maybe reasonable however something like naked bike should definitely be on the low end of the scale. Some dealers will try to use a standard charge or even a ridiculously high charge for set-up, Cycle Barn in Lynnwood Washington tried to charge me $1000 for set up on a T100 Bonny, of course when I disputed it it was a "mistake" and should have been the standard $250...."sorry Mr. Taylor...good thing you caught that" etc.......
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