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Jeff Cobb
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Originally Posted by Morbo the Destroyer View Post
That's odd....Jeff didn't mention his schvanstuka...
Never had any complaints. Besides, isn't it obvious it's massive given what a fringe lunatic I can be? Didn't want to have to say all that. Was trying to be modest, but since now it's being called into question ...
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Morbo the Destroyer
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Originally Posted by The_AirHawk View Post
I can't even get on a bike, because of my (You guessed it!) enormous schvanstuka......
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I've been to 163mph on a slightly hot-rodded Blackbird. I think that if it were not for the weight and aero-drag that I carry I might have been able to squeeze a good 10mph more. Life as a big guy can have that effect.
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I might (or might not) have gone a buck-o-five on the Uly. Nearly got blown off at that speed! There's only so far one can duck down on a big trailee.
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Methinks Mr. Wellsworth is a spamtard.

With a little schvanstuka. (Is that a p3nis carring dive-bomber?)
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Hi all,

Thank for a lot of responses you have given. As you said, I am trying to cross and break my last record but perhaps the last speed with the bike is 180KMPH. I tried with Karizma ZMR, but I scared of high speed, if a bit I mistake, I will be gone. LOL
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