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jsbailey 02-14-2011 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Dr_Sprocket (Post 255637)
Usually MO comes out with a litre bike shootout in the spring of every year. They have not done that as yet for the 2011 model year bikes. Below is the link to the 2010 litre bike shootout. Have you seen it already?

MO is very nice in that its reviews for litre bikes and supersport bikes review both street and track riding, with motojournalists ranging from large- to small-framed. Here is the link to last year's edition: . (The link is correct. Don't worry about what it says.)

One can only hope the next edition hits the streets soon. Happy riding!

That's exactly what I was looking for. And no, I hadn't found the 2010 shootout. I had found the 'Best of 2010' article and read through that, as well as several of the individual reviews. I was really hoping to find a 2011 shootout/review, but I assumed they wouldn't exist yet. Thanks for the link and the help. Greatly appreciated.

Duken- Thanks for the input. Very valuable advice, and the Ducati 848 is starting to become more and more of a viable option after all (I am indeed not married 8-) ). I was already a bit concerned about the power behind the literbikes, and you all have done your job in confirming it. I really wish there was a way to test drive bikes of this caliber, but most won't allow it, and if they do, it's down the street and back. What can you do with that?

EasyRider2- 100% correct. 20's something male. Limited experience. But I'm not dismissive of what people have been telling me. I'm everything but confident of my ability to handle these bikes. However, I wasn't confident of my ability to handle my first bike.

What I am confident of, is my ability to recognize and respect what driving a motorcycle safely means. I have a lot of respect for what those bikes can do, and if you want to blame me for being confident, I would agree I'm confident only in my ability to learn to handle these type of bikes over time. I'm not one to do a wheelie out of the dealership and spend all day testing it's limitations. The limitations of the bike would far outreach my own, and it's something I'm very aware of.

Also, I rather enjoyed your quip about the will and life insurance. You'd be surprised how much more likely you are to die doing everyday activities. Hope you've got your own will in order ;)

Duken4evr 02-14-2011 06:09 PM

The only other thing I will add, not knowing where you live and what the situation is - consider buying a clean used 1000, save a bundle in depreciation, still have more power than you know what to do with, and "spend the "savings" on a good mid bore dirt bike like a used WR450. Front like sport bikes depreciate like mad, but 160 some odd horsepower never really goes out of style.

I ride street and off road. Always have. Dirt bikes are the best for ingraining riding skills that come in handy when the chips are down on the street, and they are a total kick in the pants to ride. Forced to choose, I would choose off road in a heartbeat. Having a dirt bike and a street bike in the stable keeps riding interesting too.

All this lead in so I can post up my favorite jealously inducing gratuitous Colorado dirt bike shot. I have friends who fly, drive and travel thousands of miles to ride with me. One of them lives in the DC area and keeps his trail ready CR250 in my garage (it is in the photo, I am on my yellow DRZ400) I don't know why he would do such a generous thing ;) Maybe this pretty shot of Red Cone, at 12,800 feet, will inspire you to consider the dirty side of the motorcycling world :D

Woo hoo!! Riding wheelies uphill. One of my favorite stupid dirt bike tricks.

Easy Rider 2 02-15-2011 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by jsbailey (Post 255657)
Also, I rather enjoyed your quip about the will and life insurance. You'd be surprised how much more likely you are to die doing everyday activities. Hope you've got your own will in order ;)

You are most likely to die doing something that is inherently dangerous, like crossing a busy street, and doing it not looking for cross traffic.

Statistically, how "likely" you are to die doing a given activity stupidly depends mostly on how often you do it.......and what degree of stupidity is involved.

Riding a bike is inherently dangerous, continuously for the whole time you are moving. Add only a slight amount of stupidity and your odds go way up.

I've been riding for about 43 years and have never crashed above 5 mph. ALL of my affairs are in order........because I'm not immune to a fit of stupidity either nor from some random stroke of bad fate.

Duken4evr 02-15-2011 05:47 PM

Funny thing Easy Rider 2 -

All these years riding and racing dirt bikes (since I was 11, I am near 49 now) and the worst injury I sustained to date was not on the dirt bike or the FZ1 street bike, but instead I tear my Achilles tendon diving off the board at the local pool. What a miserable injury that is.

The Doc said it is an "injury of active middle age". It hit me then. Damn I am getting old...

You never know when you may get injured. Smart man having your affairs in order. I am right there with ya :)

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