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Cool Looking for my first bike Ducati Monster696? (n00b)

I find that this is a popular question on the internet, but I can never find a concrete common consensus about the bike. Some people say it's ok, and others think it would be bat **** crazy to start off on a Ducati of any kind.

I am 6'1 190lbs, is this a bit big for the bike? This also appears to be a common question, and my only real concern is that I do not want to like I broke out of the circus and am so big-ass dude riding some clown bike. Would I be able to ride it with my arms fully extended? When I look at pictures and video people always seem to be hunched over on it. (lol that's right I've been looking up videos and pictures trying to gauge height and how "cool" people look on it.)

I am definitely willing to look else where for a good starter bike. However I really like the naked look of the monster. So if someone could point me in the direction of some other bikes that might be better than the monster but have a similar look I would definitely take anything you guys say into consideration. Thanks a ton!

Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, the beginner forum didn't seem to be very active so I posted here.
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A Monster is a very compact bike, and even mid-size riders are crunched up on it. And yes, it would be a poor choice for a starter bike.

Look in to a 700-900cc cruiser if "fit" is your top priority. If you don't like that look, try a EN-6R, Versys, VStrom 650.
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That Monster needs certain skills to ride that -frankly- you just don't have yet. Sorry. It takes learning from books and trial and error experience to deal with the subtle nuances that a Ducati present.
Then there's the fact that you'll be pretty upset when youo drop it the first few times.
Then there's the cost of insurance and the amazing cost of tune-ups (which very few people choose to do themselves because of what a PITA that is on those bikes)

No other bike looks like a Monster, either.
The closest I can think of that would be a good learner is a Suzuki GS500.
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Originally Posted by RichMeisterMan View Post
I find that this is a popular question on the internet, but I can never find a concrete common consensus about the bike.
Welcome to the forum.

At 6'1", 190, you aren't really a "monster" yourself; often comfort on a bike depends more on inseam and arm length than height.

The reason you can't get a consensus IS "different strokes for different folks". That's why there are MANY different models available........or all types of vehicles.

As a new rider, you should be more concerned with fit and feel than with look. A first bike should be used, not more than 10 years old and the smallest frame/engine that you feel comfortable on. Even a Suzuki GZ 250 might fit the bill.

If you haven't yet, you need to take a beginning riders course (MSF or equivalent). You will have a much better idea of what you need after that and with a proper M class license test rides of used bikes are more likely......but still difficult from some dealers.

There you have it. While there will, no doubt, be mavericks who say "Hell no. Get a 1700 cc huge bike. You can handle it."..........I think the above is about as close to a general consensus as you will find for a new rider........with some possible details that I may have left out.

P.S. How long since you have ridden a bicycle ?? If it has been a LONG time, you should brush up on that first. Honestly.
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Get a used XL250 Honda, crash the bejezus out of it, learn the ropes, do some dirt riding, wait for the scabs to drop off, then after all that stuff (about six months) buy your Ducati.

Clutch/brake levers and handlebars are a lot cheaper on an old XL. Trust me. Most of us started on dirt bikes and worked our way up. Cement is not a forgiving teacher.
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Or, find an older Dual Purpose like a KLR650 or the DR400 or even the Wee-Strom. The SV650 is one of the very best all-round bikes out there. Not the 'S' variant, mind you. It isn't a good fit for someone 6'1".

You'll be fairly comfy, and the bikes are very capable of giving you a great time. They are common, and not too expensive to repair.

You haven't mentioned it, so I'll say it: Get thee to a riding school! Cheapest insurance you'll ever buy.
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