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Administrator 12-29-2010 01:43 PM

Top 10 Ups and Downs of 2010

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<a href="">Top 10 Ups and Downs of 2010</a>

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Dr_Sprocket 12-30-2010 03:21 AM

What surprised me the most is that Victory sales are up, despite the current trend. This shows that if you make a good product, saavy consumers will buy it... especially if it costs less than the competition.

I'd also like to send out a "Way to go!" to BMW, Triumph, Ducati and Kawasaki. These companies are really putting out good stuff right now, IMHO.

Duken4evr 12-30-2010 06:56 AM

Harley is having trouble because they got overly aggressive with their financing arm. "Screw it, Let's Ride!" indeed.

As usual, the line workers pay the price for senior management's mistakes. I doubt Sr. management took any job or salary cuts, despite the fact that they were the ones who steered this golden goose of a company aground. Harley is hardly unique of course, this scenario repeats itself across America. Incompetence in the corner office rewarded, ordinary workers bearing the brunt.

The higher ups at HD should be ashamed of themselves. Victory is obviously doing it better. Harley is an icon for the working man. Well, the working man needs to wake up, recognize things for what they are and support the company who supports it's workers with their bike purchasing dollars.

Militant populist rant over...

Morbo the Destroyer 12-30-2010 07:17 AM

2010 was a pretty rough year in many respects. It's nice to be reminded that there were also some very positive things, so thanks for that, Pete. And thanks for the links to the old articles; some of them were pretty interesting.

pplassm 01-03-2011 09:25 AM

Up: Ryan Dungey is first rider to win the Supercross crown in his rookie year..

Kevin_Duke 01-03-2011 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by pplassm (Post 254054)
Up: Ryan Dungey is first rider to win the Supercross crown in his rookie year..

Yep, that was noteworthy, too, and we considered it for our selections. Dungey is one of those great examples of nice guys finishing first!

acecycleins 01-03-2011 01:50 PM

Miss Myers WILL be the 1st successful female Moto2 racer. I predict one more year in AMA then a WSS stint before she's offered a ride for the 2013 season. She'll win the AMA SS west title if RMR gives her the Suzuki again this year.

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