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I do like Huskys. My buddy has an '07 TE450. It rolls out it's considerable power much more controllably than another friend's WR450. It is slimmer too, but I prefer the suspension on the WR, which is better set up. No doubt the Husky could be made to work as well.

The TE450 motor is a gem though. You can just stick in in 3rd, snort off the corners at low controllable rpm, and let it rev until the next corner comes, let the high rpm engine braking do most of the slowing and not shift or even brake much. Perfect for lazy bastard like me :laugh:

What I really want though is a fuel injected 250 on steriods 350. KTM of course has their 350EXC coming out. The DRZ/CR are gonna have to hang in there awhile longer so I can find such a bike used and depreciated a bit

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Originally Posted by Duken4evr View Post
Awesome bike pplasm.

The CR I have is an 01 and set up similar. Sure would like the WR gearset though. The MX 1st gear is too tall of course. Otherwise it is snappy and weightless and generally awesome in the 1st degree. Dirt bike are just plain the sh%t

I would love to spend some time with that little Yam. One wonders what the surgical removal of the heavy stock cat equipped exhaust and various dual sport debris along with some Power Commander tuning and perhaps a Millennium Tech big bore kit would bring. The DRZ is easily opened up to 435cc via such a kit and it increases power quite a bit. Something about unshrouding the valves.

Edit. MT offers a 290 kit. The dyno chart shows a nice improvement

dyno10 - Servimg.com - Free image hosting service
Wow, that 290 kit looks like a huge improvement!
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There's a brandy-new 2008 WR250R on ebay for $4.5K (Buy it now!). It is exactly the same except for BNG.
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