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jim diamond
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Default 1970 Suzuki Ts90

I Have A 1970 Ts90 Hondo Suzuki That Is In Showroom Condition.its Truley Museum Quality With 187 Original Miles. Runs Just Like The Day It Was Bought By My Dad In 1970.he Only Road Id It Around The Block Two Or Three Times A Year To Keep It In Good Shape Over The Past 40 Years. He Got It From My Mom For Fathers Day In 1970 And Just Never Got A Real Chance To Ride The Thing Due To His Work.but He Has Kept Up With It All These Years.everything Is 100% Original Tires,batery Ect.. And All Like Brand New. He Got The Bike When I Was 11 And Know Has Given It To Me .i Am Now 52.can Someone Tell Me What This Bike May Be Worth. Thanks Jim
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Like the Caps, eh?

Itis worth whatever someone who wants it will pay. Right now is possibly the worst time ever to sell.

I would estimate $1000 - $1500 if it's truly PERFECT.

Check past ebay auctions to be sure.
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Originally Posted by pplassm View Post
Like the Caps, eh?

Check past ebay auctions to be sure.
He was TYPING IN ALL CAPS - BUT THE SITE then shut him off, and cap'd only the first letter.....

BTW - has anyone else noticed that ebay has suddenly Jumped the Shark with their new policy? If you sell too many items - you get zing'd three times ('cuz you gotta pay for a storefront in addition to listing fees and a "cut of the take").

NOW, if you don't sell ENOUGH (read: everybody else) you've got to pay them a monthly fee to be a member, whether you sell anything or not. They can suck my balls before I'll give 'em another red cent. The Government can do this, 'cuz they've got more guns than I have - but flebay can go pyss up a rope.
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AH, thank the woman trying to buy our Governorship currently. $160 million of your ebay fee's and counting in her vanity run.
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