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Jeff Cobb
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Originally Posted by cloud9 View Post
Just saw the article. Appreciate you guys giving us this valuable info that can benefit all riders. Winter maintenance or lack there of can really break down a bike.
No problem. As you can see, I'm from your part of the country. If you don't block the wind it can feel like torture on a naked bike in freezing weather after 30 minutes at speed. Block the wind, insulate, and life becomes bearable. If you don't get a fairing, maybe hand guards could be retrofitted inexpensively and easily enough at least. They used to make these stiff velcro-on windproof covers called "hippo hands" but they would fold at speed into your hands and interfere with controls. I'd look for broad rigid bolt-on guards. You can make it workable on a budget if you need to.
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Originally Posted by cloud9 View Post
How bearable is winter riding without heated gear on a 20-30 minute ride of freeway/city riding with a naked bike? I know this largely depends on the bike but is it not recommended or possible with the right set-up??
That really depends on you. As long as the roads are clean, I'll commute down into the 20's wearing 'stich and a couple layers under it, but no electrics. I've got a similar ride to what you're describing, and I ride an SV650 (naked version).
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Tourmaster gear. Decent thermals, good thinsulate gloves. electric hunting socks and you never have to winterize a bike. I ride in the N GA hills at 25 to 30 degrees often in the winter. Typically, I run into issues after the first hour or so where I have to warm up, but that only happens if I leave before 7am. And God put Waffle Houses everywhere for a good reason. So, I believe that God is a closet motorcyclist with an ideal taste for chicken n eggs- I'm good with that.
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I have ridden down to 27 degrees without heated gear. My commute is 13 miles and it takes about 30 minutes each way. I can tell you that 27 degrees was my absolute limit for 30 minutes or less. I can also tell you that I was even wearing overpants w/ insulated liner, regular khakis, an undershirt, long-sleeve button down shirt, sweater, motorcycle jacket w/ liner, fleece neck gaitor/turtle, and winter gloves.

Now that I have the heated jacket, I plug in at/around 45 degrees. The heated grips on the Uly are a blessing, too! I start using them around 50 degrees.
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Originally Posted by ejis View Post
That really depends on you. I've got a similar ride to what you're describing, and I ride an SV650 (naked version).
That's the exact motorcycle I'm looking to buy.

Thanks for all the replies. It's funny once the temperature dips below 50 degrees, the amount of motorcycles I see/hear on the road I could count on one hand in an average commute.

So either dress smart, know your waffle-house/ diner locations or invest in heated gear. Sounds easier than winterizing & storing a motorcycle.
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