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Originally Posted by MOKE1K View Post
I can look at the tach depending on where Im at on the track (in turns) but it is hard and can take you off line very quickly. Youve got to get used to doing it for a while. Airhawk I would consider the way you ride, is by feel which takes serious experience. Dont short change yourself.
And let's not forget two things about the new ZX's instruments:

1. The LED tach is much brighter than any LCD display.
2. The LEDs can be programmed to flash at any point the rider chooses, negating the need to actively watch what the tach is displaying - just shift when the LEDs are blinking, which will be all but impossible to miss.
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The companies have gone to these displays because they are cheaper, not better.
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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
The companies have gone to these displays because they are cheaper, not better.
Well if they go to these displays and people hate them then it's money saved in the wrong place.

Replacing a gauge display with an aftermarket can run big money.
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