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Default Motorcycle Riding Tips And Techniques

With buying a motorcycle comes added responsibility. It is so important to have a solid foundation of sound and tested motorcycle riding tips when first learning to ride. Riding a motorcycle is a skill that is learned, not a skill that someone is born with.

Aside from tips about how to ride, the rider should also learn safety tips and techniques for different situations that the rider might be presented with.

The rider's enjoyment and safety depends not only on mastering the art of motorcycling, but also an awareness and understanding of the realities of the traffic around the rider. One very important motorcycle riding tip has do with always wearing proper gear.

Wearing the right clothing and gear not only makes riding a motorcycle more enjoyable but also more comfortable. One of the best items of protection is a helmet. Helmets come in various sizes which allows one to shop around and find a comfortable helmet.

A windshield alone does not provide for adequate eye protection, therefore goggles or shatterproof glasses should always be worn while riding. Riding jackets and pants come made of many different materials, but the most important thing to remember is being comfortable.

Always wear gloves when riding because gloves protect bare hands in the event of a fall. While picking out motorcycle gear remember that bright colors are easier seen and noticed than dark colors.

Before beginning to ride, keep in mind this very valuable motorcycle riding tip: Know the motorcycle you are riding! Get to know the owner's manual because no two motorcycles are exactly alike. Become familiar with the controls and know how to use them. Practice using the turn signals and horn button. Start by learning to start off and change gears.

Practice by driving in a straight line and become familiar with the sound of the engine. Practice downshifting and braking. Remember when braking to always apply the front and rear brake at the same time.

When learning how to turn, keep in mind the following valuable tips:
1) Slow down before entering a turn; look as far as possible ahead in the turn.
2) Keep your feet on the pegs and grip the gas tank with your knees.
3) Lean with the motorcycle, and lastly 4) keep an even throttle or even accelerate a little bit.

It is extremely important to check the motorcycle before riding. Remember this checklist before starting each ride. Check the tires, this includes looking them over and checking the air pressure. Next, make sure to check the controls and all of the lights.

Also, be sure to check the oil and fuel levels. Make sure that the kickstand folds up properly and when beginning the ride check the brakes. Remembering and practising these motorcycle riding tips will greatly increase your enjoyment and safety when riding a motorcycle.
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