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Default 81 suzuki with very low miles, thoughts?


I just joined the forum, and am just undertaking the purchase of my very first bike. There's a 1981 GS450L Suzuki near me with around 5,500 miles on it, going for a firm $1400, in reportedly very good condition (cosmetically this is certainly true...other than a dent in the tailpipe from tipover). I believe it's been garaged for most of this time. The guy who is selling it is the second owner and bought it at the start of the summer, put 50 miles on it (and a lot of money for repairs), and is turning it over now because he never uses it.

I read some similar threads about bikes being garaged for a while, and people had different opinions about whether it was okay or not. The couple that I saw seemed to deal with bikes that had been sitting idle for less than ten years or so. Is 20+ pushing it? I don't have much experience riding, so I'm not sure I would notice anything other than some glaring fault. The seller claims its been completely serviced, no faults, and is ready to go. What do you all think?

Thanks for reading and for your thoughts.

Maybe the collective wisdom here could guide me.
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Way to much money for that old stone. You can find 'em in good shape all day long for five hundred bucks.

They made zillions of 'em, and the bikes are near indestructable. Watch the carbs for problems with the diaphram and choke circuit if its been sitting. Also gummed up gas tanks, dry steering head bearings, funky oil, dry rotted tires, kinked up and dry cables....etc..etc...

If it runs, idles right, doesn't have oil leaks, and has been taken care of $800.00 is top dollar for that bike.

Can I interest you in a slightly used Go Devil?
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The GS is too much. It may be nice but not worth the price.
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The bike's 30 years old. Who knows what parts are even available any more? A lot of parts will be discontinued.

A friend just bought a 1980 Goldwing 1100 in near perfect shape for $1800. $1450 for a GS450 is ridiculous.

I know that everyone thinks their old bike is worth its weight in gold, but it's a buyer's market out there. This guy is looking for a sucker.
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Thanks for the advice! I wish I could find them all day long for $500 in new england, but if they're even running I tend to see them going for around $800--$1,000 it seems. I'll keep an eye out for similar style cruisers here though.

Go Devil? I only see WWII jeeps and boats when I google that..
Did I miss something?
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