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Administrator 05-18-2010 12:16 PM

2010 Moto Morini Corsaro Veloce 1200 Review

Original Article:
<a href="">2010 Moto Morini Corsaro Veloce 1200 Review</a>

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acecycleins 05-18-2010 01:30 PM

Once again- MO doing their part in giving us useful information on BIKES WE CAN"T HAVE!!!!
I really love the scrambler and want one badly. Maybe when I move to Central America to sell coffee and pencils to surfers I can find one.

12er 05-18-2010 02:01 PM

Looks like a ducati, a buell and a speed 4 had a 3 way. Not that I'm complaining mind you.

SpeedwayRN 05-18-2010 03:26 PM

I wish MM had enough cash to bring them to the USA!

sliphorn 05-18-2010 07:44 PM

87 degree v-twin? What, a 90 degree aint good enough for these guys. I wanna ride it............Badly.

Kenneth_Moore 05-19-2010 05:58 AM

"a 1200cc Suzuki TL"

That's a nice thought. I wish Suzuki was still developing their 90 degree twin.

seruzawa 05-19-2010 06:24 AM

" I think the six-speed gearbox had been abused a fair bit before I got a ride on the only test bike available from the factory because it wasn’t always easy to find neutral."

Hmmm. I'd always assumed that that was a standard feature on Italian bikes.

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