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Kenneth_Moore 05-17-2010 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by acecycleins (Post 241837)
Ken- I rode the original as a demo at ATD back in 2007. I thought it was a big bike, too. Then, after two days of riding I decided it wasn't all that big at all. It was even "nimble" for a hulking piece is steel.

It's true, you really don't notice the size after a few miles. I'd love to put some stupid-loud pipes on one of these and go around doing burnouts and power slides all day.

Kevin_Duke 05-17-2010 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by pushrod (Post 241835)


I'm looking for a new vented (textile) jacket to replace my JR Phoenix (v1.0). Any chance of y'all doing a 'comparo'?

Heck - send a couple different ones out to one or three of us oldtimers, and we'll write 'em up!

It's impossible for me (and, I'd wager, many others) to shop around for the 'best' whatever out there, because few bike Dealers carry any variety, and we have no local IMS or other bike 'expo's.'

Good idea, 'Rod, but we're currently too busy with bike reviews to delve into a jacket comparo. Maybe later...

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