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Administrator 05-03-2010 01:26 PM

2010 BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure Review

Original Article:
<a href="">2010 BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure Review</a>

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jmdonald 05-03-2010 02:58 PM

Damn, Another for the list
Another nice write up. I have to add the GS to my current (must have list).

mscuddy 05-03-2010 02:59 PM

I like this one better...
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...the 1958 ISDT bike, on gold.

seruzawa 05-03-2010 03:27 PM

No offense, but if that one picture is supposed to be a "challenge", well, my GL1100 can and does meet that "challenge" too.

Of course it is moot. The last time I was at Moab I saw literally dozens of GSes on the highway over a three day weekend. The only bikes on rough or dirt roads I saw were my Goldwing and some KLRs. Maybe 1% of GS owners take them off the pavement. Not that I blame them a lot. It's going to hurt a lot to wrap an $18000 motorcycle around a tree.

I'll stick with the DR400.

Kenneth_Moore 05-03-2010 03:27 PM

Wow Pete, from Daytona to Yosemite, you're covering some serious ground lately. 30 degrees and snow? On icy mountain roads? You can keep it, I'll be in the lodge with the adult beverages.

HP Sport heads in the "Adventure Bike," eh? I guess BMW knows, like everyone else, that the vast majority of these bikes spend 99% of their lives on pavement. If you really were planning to pull a "McGregor," seems like you'd want a low-tech solution, not last year's racing setup. Something a Kavorkistanian mechanic can fix in the field.

Ducati says "F-it" with the new Multi, and puts their highest technology in play. Not only do they have the ESA equivalent, but they link it to the EFI and create very distinct combinations of suspension, power, traction control, and ABS. At least for now, the hype says the Duc has the goods over the Bimmer. So when do we get the big ADV shootout?

Let's see:
GS vs Multi vs DL1000 vs Tiger 1050 vs ??

Kevin_Duke 05-03-2010 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore (Post 240843)
So when do we get the big ADV shootout? Let's see: GS vs Multi vs DL1000 vs Tiger 1050 vs ??

Something like that. Stay tuned!

tripleripple 05-03-2010 08:24 PM

Nice article Pete.

I won't take it out on the bike the fact that most owners don't use it to its full potential. I imagine it can do a lot of stuff most bikes can't. That said, it's just too darn big (tall) for me and obviously too expensive. The 800GS is probably more my speed, but for that money I'd easily take a Tiger or Baby Tiger.

Duken4evr 05-05-2010 07:05 AM

Love the photos and the write up. Pete really put the GS through it's paces. The last encrusted photo is simply priceless. Only a non owned test bike would ever get that dirty!

pushrod 05-05-2010 08:01 AM

Kevin_Duke 05-05-2010 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by pushrod (Post 240989)

I only see the vid (which keep stalling on me), not the text of the shootout. Is that online?

What did they do right and wrong in your opinion?

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