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Administrator 04-01-2010 01:50 PM

2010 Literbike Shootout: RSV4 R vs S1000RR vs CBR1000RR vs ZX-10R

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<a href="">2010 Literbike Shootout: RSV4 R vs S1000RR vs CBR1000RR vs ZX-10R</a>

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longride 04-02-2010 05:13 AM

The Beemer looks like it trumped the Japanese this year. While they were taming their bikes down, BMW saw the opportunity to really pump up the HP and go all out. Considering the price is in the ballpark, I'd say the Beemer is going to sell like hotcakes this year. Who needs 175 hp?? Everybody!

Buzglyd 04-02-2010 07:00 AM

The Aprilia and the BMW are to drool for. I'll tell you something, that cross-plane Yamaha sounds real bada$$ with an aftermarket pipe.

It sounds very Vtwinish.

giganto 04-02-2010 08:17 AM

old gent's touring sleds..
Amazing. Just recalled dragging an old friend who's life was steeped in hot rods down to the local BMW dealer, and pointing out how the company had begun to change- he remembered my old r750 BatWing touring rig.
This was late 90s...
Honestly didnt expect The Roundel to trounce all very first time out making liter formula. Wow.

jmdonald 04-02-2010 08:24 AM

Nicely Done
I may never own another sport bike but I can still read about them and want one. When I re-populate my garage I'll have one of each please.

fonzie 04-02-2010 01:45 PM

Still here, but confused. Stay tuned. :) {Test posting}

Paul Yates 04-02-2010 04:54 PM

Literbike shootout BMW
I'm 45 this year, I have read more car and motorcycle reviews/articles than any sane person would have.

This review was one of the best write-ups I have ever seen. Not just because I own the damn thing (the BMW).... It was entertaining, without being gratuitous, fair in stating strengths:weaknesses, accurate and well-researched. I REALLY enjoyed it. It would have been good, when discussing the weights, that the BMW carried the TC and ABS (5.5kg) vs the Honda without. If you like the weight or TC/ABS side of the equation. The Honda, if you didn't know, has ABS (no avail TC, yet...) but it weighs 20 something pounds. There are other articles, everywhere that describe the BMW system in-depth.

If you know the bike, most of this will be old hat, but I wrote it with folks who DON'T know it, so don't lose your temper if you're in the former camp.

Having reviewed the review, I'll address the bike. I did NOT get the electronic gizmos, partly because I am cheap, partly that I am older-school, partly that I am not overly fearful of the bike, partly that I doubt I'd be using the bike to the extremes where the two might save my ass (and if you are in such a place ACCIDENTLY, the gizmos WON'T be able to save you.) and if I WERE operating the bike at the limits, at the margin in a controlled fashion, I'd likely be good enough to find they were limiting to me (the capability of this bike is far beyond me (and you too, not to be insulting, but there are a couple hundred folks in the world who are up there)..but mostly that I am a Luddite, and expect failure where there is complexity. I have only heard a couple issues with interference/problems with the systems, but it is early....

As to who can run this bike at its margins...there was a video on YouTube of a fellow from Portugal riding, forgotten his name, the press-release track day. That frigging guy was riding a little like a ****, considering who he was riding with, but he was frigging incredible!

I am still in the now-obligatory 600mile breaking period, so I've only had it around 8Krpm a handful of times, as I am breaking it in, and we keep having rain. You CAN demo this bikes, something you might not always be able to do. I suggest you do that if you are in the market, or MIGHT be in the market (you'll be in after the ride, so use your fiscal judgment before hand). Those bikes should have the limiters off by now. You will be shocked how good this bike is.

I too found the brakes and motor the strong suit. Both are better than anything in this (affordable!) price range or virtually any other range I suspect. This bike, stock, approaches or exceeds pure race bikes of only a yr or two ago, and some current ones too. But you track folks can discuss that at will.

At first the brakes seemed TOO aggressive to me, if there really IS such a thing. A couple 20 miles and adjusting the levers and that is gone. The brakes, working with the frame/suspension are simply terrific. Absurd approach speeds are honestly shed without drama or effort. I am only gently approaching the trail abilities, but thus far impressive and predictable/linear. A few times too hot an entry, and decreasing radius turns on unfamiliar roads (yes, not bright) have caused me some kagel-moments, but that fear is from PRIOR experience. This bike has always corrected itself in harder than you'd like trail braking and now I am forgetting those earlier experiences that tend to hold one back (adjusting one's judgment).

As said, I've only been at the high midrange of this bike, which always causes me to shake my head, that mid-range still holds 8-9000rpm! If you look at the power curves, you'll see what lies over 9000...everything over 4 has been impressive, even plodding along in back roads in 6th, there is tons of midrange (in my opinion), on paper and perhaps in practice less than the Honda, but it has been rare that I've felt the NEED to downshift (autobahn end of speed limit areas being an exception. I AM in Germany).

No headshake, no standing on braking, nothing ill whatsoever. And this on the barebones model, the one that most buyers are NOT getting. Most folks get all the geegaws, and I'd certainly not fault them for that, simply, I cannot address those systems firsthand.

I'm 190-200lbs, 6'2", and feel a LITTLE gangly on it (esp. if I see a picture of me on it), but it is more comfortable than I would have expected or deserve considering I'm an ass, and what the bike is designed for and accomplishes. There will be the wrist ache after being stuck in town traffic too long, but I just shift around and use one hand or so, and that has gotten rid of most of that (I'm 45 this year remember). What I CAN do it move around all over this bike in very windy mtn roads, with concomitant heavy braking and acceleration, and the damn thing holds whatever line I chose, not perturbed by 200 lbs of not-boy-racer lard-ass flopping all over it. It really does make you much better than you are, even without all the geegaws, that can REALLY make you better than you are!

The ONLY thing I notice with a negative eye, is that it seems to be running on the hot-side, and this in Germany in winter/spring. Only seen in stop-end-go, or below say 30mph, but it'll get too 200-215f a lot fast than I'd expected. The fan has always held it to 215 or below, but it IS still cool out. So you southerners should check that out on your test rides so it doesn't catch you later.

Tires are Metzler Racetech K3s which have been awesome. Again, I'm not beating the hell out of it, but there's about 3/4" at the rear 190/55edges yet unscuffed.

I've left the suspension at stock settings (5s all around). It's all Sachs, the rear has pre/compr (H&L speed)/rebound adjusts. Same front minus high/low. I have no issues with it. Might play with the settings one day or at track day of course, but for now perfect setup for me.

You either like the design elements or not. Mine is the grey and I am very happy with it. There is some cheaper carbon coming out if you like that, lots of exhaust systems (I was going to get a full, but will leave it stock for now). If you are so hung up on the headlights, oh well. If you think you could never get over that, like some earlier folks, before the ride reviews were out...than you'd better not test ride it, lest you be left feeling foolish in your vanity. You will change your mind and get over it.

Let's see, brakes, motor, suspension, tires, ergonomics...

Oh, 3YEAR warrantee, I expect the states too will have roadside assist with that, not sure, ask you dealer.

Finish/Quality, far above anything else I have seen. The design of the Italian bikes are usually stunning, but then you are left with ergos, cost and free lunch.

I imagine I'm getting 35ish miles/gallon, but not done the math yet. I keep filling it up early for logistic reasons peculiar to here.

Dash Attractive, easy to read, TONS of modes, and lap timers and all that. I think 1/4-1/3 of the manual is dedicated to the clockworks.

You get your e-throttle (modes: rain/sport/race/slick) independent of the TC/ABS (If you DO get those systems they are heavily, in depth, integrated into the mode selection) so you get changes in throttle response and, in rain, limited to 150-ish HP. Also a nice, get-acquainted mode for your pals. But of course YOU won't need it....

The services seem to be pretty reasonable by reports of folks already through them. The dealer network at BMW is FAMOUS for customer service. And if you've ever been treated like crap at a bike dealer, you too might be sensitive to that. The BMW riding gear and carbon and such is top-notch, but absurdly prices as a rule. You CAN find values though, and you do get a 10% or so discount (for x-months) on gear when you buy from them, uniformly, as far as I know.

Weight/size? It's a 600. You have read it, you think it hyperbole, blah, blah, blah...but then you'll sit on/ride it, and say, “It’s just like a 600!" Some folks, in press, have mentioned slower turn-in at low speed. They are better than me. The suspension (forks, swing ht, wheelbase) are all adjustable. There is a lot to fiddle with, less than the Factory and some Ducatis, but plenty for me.

I don't ride with PAX, so no comment, I imagine they shall be as uncomfortable and ashen as on any other 1L sport bike.

Guess that's it. I wish I sold them, and maybe I might do some part-time while out here. I really love the bike, and even being cheap, I do not have ANY regrets or buyer’s remorse. You might even catch a relative break on insurance, particularly if you are younger, given its new bike and BMW, maybe call around and compare. If you are in the market for 1L SB, and test ride it, you'll buy it, simple as that. I don't care what your preconceptions of the brand are, they shall be quickly dispensed. Every day I am getting faster/more comfortable/a better rider due to this bike. It IS entirely ride able minus the geegaws. If you are utterly devoid of judgment, it WILL of course kill you, but then so will a bottle, a Twinkie or a woman.


tripleripple 04-02-2010 08:35 PM

And cue Newage in 3...2...1...

Kevin_Duke 04-02-2010 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by Paul Yates (Post 238844)
I'm 45 this year, I have read more car and motorcycle reviews/articles than any sane person would have.


Welcome to the club, PY. And now you've just added to the list of "articles" we've read! It's the longest post I can remember reading!

Oh, and we're glad you liked the shootout.

Kevin_Duke 04-02-2010 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by tripleripple (Post 238856)
And cue Newage in 3...2...1...

Never mind just Newage, where's the rest of ya? Surely you can't be bored with this year's crop of literbikes...?

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