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Default 2007 hyosung gt650r life span?

i just joined up here to see if i could get some of the answers i am after.

im 16 and on my L's in adelaide, so spending big money, and gettin a rediculously powerful bike are out of the question unfortunatly.

i have a 2000 husqvarna te400, spectacular looking bike, ive never seen one as good looking and it gets comments everywhere i take it, but its recently started to rattle so we took it to the mechanic and they have ruled out bottom end by the sound, and said possibly timing chain or gearbox, which is all just as expensive.

so, i may have to flog that off to someone who can fix it themself for 2 grand or something, because even if it costs them 1k to fix they get a cheap bike and a quick profit.

but my step dad is willing to sell his zzr 250 to help me pay for a new bike. which we are confident we will get around 4k for

and my dad has a friend who is selling his '07 hyosung 650 only wants 5 grand for it, and there brilliant looking bikes, and i know their built quality is low, but as far as i know their engines are pretty much the same as an '02 sv650. and also, with my situation, i cant afford to be picky on bikes.

the only thing i wanted to know was about their life span, this bike has just clicked over 20 grand and ive just never seen a hyo for sale with 30 or 40 grand on it, so i was just wandering if anyone could let me know if i buy this bike, or if its just gna die on me in a few months

my whole life ive had a terrible run with bikes, not one has just run, theyve all cost me a fortune in fixing, so i want this one to be my first one that doesnt break down. and also, no other '07 650 hyosung out there is under 6 grand... but yea, just need to know how long this thing will last me to.

also, for me, the 250 bikes arent an option, there a bit to small for me, and im a bit of a power nut haha

thanks, let us know
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One of the issues with Hyosung is they simply don't have the years in the market to establish a history. The engine you refer to is the same as the SV650, Hyo licensed the design from Suzuki.

What really matters is how the original owner maintained the bike. I've seen late model Hondas with under 15k miles that weren't worth $10. Does the seller have maintenance records? Was it serviced at a reputable dealer? What's the service and parts availability for the bike like in your area?
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