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Default THE "Standard"?

This past winter i was gonna put down my cash for a Triumph street triple...
But I feel I may be too biased and have not given other standards a chance.

I had on my list of test rides:
-Ducati 696 monster
-Aprilia Shiver 750
-Yamaha FZ6r

and pretty much standard bikes that are $10000 or less.

I have come to discover that most bikes are what they called "budget" bikes where the manufacturer skimps on the suspension and brakes to keep costs down.

Only Ducati 696 Monster and Triumph Street triple R I know has won the reviews I read. And between these two, I was told Maintenance cost of the Triumph is on par with the Japanese bikes. Therefore, this is where my bias for Triumph Street Triple comes from.

I was wondering if there are any other standar bikes out there worth taking a look at?

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The key is to go test ride the bikes you are interested in. 'Winning' reviews don't really mean much because the tester may have been biased to begin with, and two, the tester doesn't have to plunk down their cash to own it. When you are the buyer, the only review that counts is yours, and without a test ride, you are counting on someone else's opinion.
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And the reviewer may not be your size, or they may have been badly frightened when they were young by a guy riding a standard, or crotch rocket or cruiser.

Form your own opinion.

I've only ridden the Street Triple, and it was obscenely fun. And the Arrow pipes made it intoxicating.
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Those lean to more of a sport than a standard ride to me. Standards are Bonneville, XL1200/883, That new CB1100, Duc sport classics, MG Breva even and the V7. Not that your choices are bad, but my take on standards is a little different than yours.
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Well you can't go wrong with a new Triumph whether it's a Street triple, Bonnie or Tiger. Others I'd be interested in are the 1250 Bandit and the FZ1 as well as the Sportys.

Figure on the Bonneville and Sportster as being more of a true standard while the Bandit and Tiger more all-rounders. The Street Triple and FZ1 would be more performance oriented. I would determine which bike fits me best and my riding environment and go from there. They're all excellent bikes so you can't go wrong with any of them
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