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The stranger
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Default Dropped my bike, feeling pretty miserable :(

I've had my first bike for about three months now, it's a YBR 125 and I love it to pieces. Today it was raining cats and dogs but for most of the ride I had no problems whatsoever. A police car comes up behind me and starts flashing and signalling for me to stop. I pull over to the side and try to mount a very low pavement to stop off the road, and well, you can do the math:

Slow speed + looking at police car in mirror + slippery pavement = my butt meeting the pavement.

Fortunately I was in full leathers and boots so 0 damage to me. BUT there has been some damage to the bike the plastic on the dashboard under the rpm counter is broken, and the dashboard is crooked and the rubber on the foot peg has been chewed off. A plastic ring came off but I have no idea where from.

Turns out the police were only carrying out a routine check, which is quite common over here. I could tell they felt bad and they helped me pick up and check over the bike. I managed to get home but I felt a very slight bouncing as the bike moved so I'm afraid the damage could be serious.

Debating whether to get the insurance to cover it or just pay to get it fixed myself. Won't be riding until the mechanic has a good look at it. I already had issues mounting pavements, and this does nothing to help my confidence
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Worst feeling in the world.
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Happens to all of us. Chalk it up as a learning experience and try to realise what you may have done wrong so you can avoid it next time. Kudos to you riding in the rain it makes for a smooth throttle hand. Try and search the web using for example YBR125 forums, then register and look in the classified sections for good used parts. Good luck!
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Yeah, ruff break there stranger...(I couldn't help it..) we've all done it, part of the game.
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And (unfortunately) it probably won't be the last - unless you give this sport up entirely.

Sucks, but take comfort in the fact (small as that comfort may be) that we've all been there, 'specially MOKE.........

(Just diggin' atcha pardna'! Don't ban me!)
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A Star Ride
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It sucks but is bound to happen. I actually made it 10+ years before I did but in the last 2 years have knocked over (or low speed wrecked) 2 bikes 2X each. Kinda like Daytona or Talladaga, its gonna happen, just be prepared and minimize damages. After the traffic stop did they check your papers, or no? I cant imagine stoping a bike in the rain for anything unimportant.
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The stranger
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Hi guys, thanks for the encouraging words, they've made me feel a little bit better. As TheGallows said, it's one of the worst feelings in the world, but at least I wasn't harmed and the damage can be fixed.

A Star Ride - They did check my papers and everything seems to be in order. For a minute I thought I'd done something wrong but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what. Oh well, such is life :/
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