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weirdaljr 11-17-2009 05:12 PM

Basement as storage / shop ?
Hey guys, I have some questions about leaving my motorcycle in the basement for the winter. I do not have a garage, just a shed with no heat that I have stored it for the past 2 years, and obviously I have not been happy with the results. This year my bike needs some work, that I would like to tinker on through the winter, and it would be ideal for me to have it in the basement to do that. I know for normal storage I would drain the tank and remove the battery to start and keep it charged through the off season, but since I plan to work on it, and even start it on occasion, would it be ok to leave it in tact, with fuel in it? It will be tempature controlled obviously, but do I have anything to worry about with gas vapors? My home heating unit is located in a seperate laundry room that is fully walled off from where the bike would be. I can open 4 basement windows for ventilation, but would that even be needed other then when starting? I do not plan to ever run the bike in the basement for long, but would 2-3 minutes be any problem for testing it?

Thanks for your help.

seruzawa 11-17-2009 05:34 PM

Take the fuel tank off and leave it in the shed until you need it. You really shouldn't store gasoline in your house.

A Star Ride 11-17-2009 05:49 PM

I kept a bike in laundry room for 3 years til got garage built it was a newer bike and you never smelled fuel or oil someties did smell rubber but I wouldnt run it in the house at all windows open or not. If you dont have any leaks you shouldnt have odors. worst thing about it was folding in the mirrors and "walking" the handlebars through the doorway everytime in & out but I never damaged the house or the bike, Im lucky. If your gonna have it tore down & needing to start it periodically consider taking it outside. good luck

The_AirHawk 11-17-2009 09:45 PM

I kept my bike in my Apartment for a couple of years - right in the Living Room. Only time I smelled anything (other than say, rubber or paint or metal) was when I actually HAD a minor fuel leak at the petpenis, which quit as soon as I tightened the fitting.

I do NOT reccommend storing the bike in any room you have a standing pilot-flame.

The colder the room is kept, the more quiescent the fuel will be - the less vapour will flash off. I would still put fuel-stabilizer and run the engine long-enough to get it into the carb(s), and maybe even turn-off the petschlong and run the carb(s) dry before moving it indoors.

seruzawa 11-18-2009 05:05 AM

I'll bet you guys smoke while loading ammunition too.

Kenneth_Moore 11-18-2009 05:40 AM

My garage is just another room in the house...there's a laundry room in between the kitchen and the garage, but I don't see it as any big deal having gas out there. There's more danger from methane out-gassing than petroleum fires.

seruzawa 11-18-2009 06:17 AM

I'll bet you guys store loaded weapons as well.

pushrod 11-18-2009 06:47 AM

And I bet they run with scissors!

pplassm 11-18-2009 07:48 AM

I stored my bikes in the basement for about 7 years. The only problem I had was the stupid cat licking a coolant leak on the RZ and going epileptic, trying to beat itself to death on the floor.

seruzawa 11-18-2009 08:40 AM

Do you guys keep your indoor-stored gasoline near the old dynamite?

Gasoline stored in basement..... a slight leak will allow the gasoline vapor to fall to the floor and mix with oxygen. Slowly mixture increases in volume and rises until it reaches the pilot light on the water heater. Now the A Star Ride has turned his house into a homemade fuel/air bomb.

Quiz: Will the homeowner's insurance company cover the damage?

Note to MOrons: When riding by A Star Ride's and pplasm's houses carry a handy bag of marshmallows.

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