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Kenneth_Moore 09-20-2009 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by longride (Post 224432)

The only people that seem to talk about the 'AMF years' are the ones that never rode one from then. AMF saved Harley-Davidson from extinction. That is a fact.

Is is a fact. AMF invested millions in HD, including new tooling, assembly lines, all the infrastructure that the LBO group would need to build the new bikes of the new era. The designs and for the most part materials were fine, from what I have heard, the labor was the real problem. They deliberately produced a shabby product as part of their battle with management. The bikes may have leaked on the showroom floors, but a good mech could get the bike right. Was it a Honda 750? Hell no, but I could have bought 3 mint condition 70's Hondas for the money I got for my '77 AMF FXS.

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