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Thumbs up Price for 06 Ninja 650R -NEED HELP-

I am thinking of buying a 06 650R from this guy. It has 2500 miles and he is selling for $3500, is this a good deal?

also, are there any mojor improvements made between the 06/07/08 models? just curious.

i might buy this thing tomorrow. much of it is based of ur opinions. thx for the help.
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Minor differences, if any at all.

KBB sez $4490 Retail, $3085 Trade-in Value.

NADA sez $2675 Low-Retail, $3515 High-Retail.

NADA typically has a better grasp of the value, but that's not for everything or at all times.

You have to use your own judgement; try not to let your emotions make the purchase. If the bike has ANY mechanical problems, and you're NOT a mechanic, you should Walk Away.
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It's a buyer's market, bro. He'll take less.
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NADA is the book that banks use for loans. So, effectively, that is the maximum going value. Many only loan up to 80%. So that might be the maximum offer you would make.

But, it is a buyer's market. Most listed used prices are a fantasy.
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Thats a great deal! take it. I should know I sell em.
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The 650R is basically a replacement for the older 500R. But it's a better bike because it's fuel injected (among other reasons). If you look at 06 500R prices, they are around $3000 now. So $3500 is a good price for a 650R that has 2500 miles on it. But I'd offer less and see what happens. As far as improvements, those really happened on the 2009 model, not the previous models.
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