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Kenneth_Moore 09-07-2009 06:29 PM

Shut the fu<k up...
... before they ban all of our bikes. Some variation of that runs through my head many times when some a-hole with drag pipes goes blasting by. Loud pipes might scare the bunny rabbits. We've had several recent attempts to legislate bikes right out of the communities here, including a well publicized ban on all motorcycles in Delray Beach last year. I've been house hunting lately, and am amazed at how many HOAs ban bikes completely. It's a real PITA because you can't use "Motorcycles OK" as part of the search criteria on the real estate websites. I'd guess 70-80% of the "problem" with bikes is noise, especially in residential areas. However, there is a new test that has been created by the Society of Automotive Engineers that sounds (pun intended) promising.

From what I've gathered about the existing EPA sound tests, the tester sets up some static equipment and the bike being tested is ridden by at various speeds and throttle loads. Apparently it quite complicated, expensive, time consuming, and the results are variable at best. The manufacturers "tune" the engines, exhausts, even the drivelines of their bikes to pass the test, while still giving Harley Bob the sound he wants. Nobody likes the tests, except, perhaps, the EPA minions who get a nice job out of the deal. The EPA workers are probably great folks who love Jesus and their families.

Of couse anyone paying attention (smart people like you) has heard about the recent attempts to ban any aftermarket exhaust systems regardless of noise levels. In this case, if the exhaust system isn't the original, EPA stamped equipment the bike was built with, it's illegal. Of course this is absurd; anyone with half a gram of sense knows aftermarket exhaust systems are virtually a must in the marketplace; if for no other reason than many OEM systems simply aren't available once a bike is a few years old.

Unlike the EPA, the SAE originated as an industry group; born of capitalistism and greed. Capitalism and greed are a good thing. Automakers, dealerships and repair shops, and their parts suppliers needed some standards to make their work more efficient and profitable. Nothing wrong with that; we all benefit if Goodyear can make tires that fit on Fords, Chevys, and Jesus Chryslers. So we like these guys; their motives are pure.

SAE J2825 is a new standard for measuring the sound of motorcycle exhausts. They have created a standard sound measuring tool; about the size of your typical electronic multi-meter, but with a large microphone on the end. You can play Mr. Microphone with the tool. They have also established a simple testing protocol, that defines how the tool should be used to give consistent and usable test results. Lastly, they have proposed a set of sound levels that take into account the inherent differences between a V-Twin cruiser and an I-4 sportbike.

What's remarkable about this new standard is that everybody seems to like it. Everbody likes chocolate too. Do you like chocolate? The Motorcycle Industry Council was involved from the start, and endorses the results. The AMA is supporting the standard, and has a big article about it in this month's member magazine. Even the makers of aftermarket exhausts, companies like Jardine and Sampson are on-board. According to some quotes I've read, the test is liberal enough to allow almost any reasonably baffled exhaust; short of shotgun pipes or open headers.

The standard is a proactive step toward keeping our sport from being banned by an increasingly annoyed public. The tools and test can easily be provided to cops; even park rangers can use the system out on the dirt trails. If we give John Q. an alternative to banning, we've done ourselves a favor. Let's all get some ice cream now.

Buzglyd 09-07-2009 06:35 PM

Good gravy Kenneth. Did the crystal dealer come through with a big score? All these long-winded angry posts.

newagetwotone 09-07-2009 06:59 PM

HOA are bull**** anyways. F*cking bunch of tightwad soccer moms with too much time on their hands, its my house, my home F*ck you b!tch go back to protesting for PITA or some other BS that you probably don't actually care about but just need to have some reason to feel important, bans, they wanna ban something? Ban HOA and stupid effin soccer moms with nothing better to do than cause trouble for others.

bunch of @$$hole jag offs with no hobbies, maybe they need to get laid more, oh thats right their hubbys of humpin a secretary thats 15 years younger than them because they cant stand looking at their faces. Stupid c*nts, worthless piece of useless flesh.

man, it feels good to rant. to be honest, i really want to hit the powerball, and buy a house in a place with an HOA and one of those 1970s kwacker triple 2 strokers, EAT BURNING OIL B!TCH!

Buzglyd 09-07-2009 07:52 PM

Now hold on there young feller. I know HOAs can turn into little Nazi association but on the other hand, if you got an unruly crack-head neighbor, there's not much you can do in a non-HOA neighborhood.

My house is non-HOA and people on my street all take great care of their homes and keep their stuff in the garage. I've got two homes near me on other streets that are quite the opposite.

One lady painted her house electric green. The other place is abandoned and falling apart and a total fire hazard. This harms other people's property values and would be dealt with easily in an HOA neighborhood. We can't do a damn thing about it.

If you buy a home in an HOA neighborhood, you know that before you move in. If you want to park a 30 foot motorhome in front of your neighbor's house, maybe you should choose another location.

newagetwotone 09-07-2009 08:36 PM

If a house being painted bright green is effecting property value then there is so many other problems with the world that need fixed.

The_AirHawk 09-07-2009 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by newagetwotone (Post 223478)
If a house being painted bright green is effecting property value then there is so many other problems with the world that need fixed.

Protective Covenants are a Way Of Life, for some. BellaVista is just South of me - P.C.'s from HELL there - I'd sooner park an RV in my ass as own a piece of property within those city limits.......

(housepaint police, grass police, driveway-parking-boats-and-golfcarts police, it's October and you haven't-yet raked your leaves police.......... F'n Endless Bullshyte)

sarnali2 09-07-2009 10:32 PM

I don't mind HOA's too much, keeps your ass hole neighbor from doing a driveway teardown on that dandy LTD wagon he just scored for the pile of sh*t Fairmont that used to sit 1/2 an inch from your property line. Bonus points when your kids come in covered in used oil from playing in your yard right next to it. Hint...this will be the same f*ck wad that wants to borrow your pick up to haul 15 yards of gravel in.

The key is to look at the covenants and house as a total package, read them word for word, cover to cover and see if they conflict with your lifestyle. Home Owners dues are tax deductible and go a long way towards keeping flakes out.

Kenneth_Moore 09-08-2009 02:38 AM

HEY! Cut that OUT! Go start your HOA rant thread in the lounge; this is a motorcycle noise rant thread.

I haven't smoked meth in weeks Buzz, WTF are you talking about? Besides, everybody knows that's a West Coast drug. Florida is the Citrus and Cocaine Captial. This was a warm, happy write up about an encouraging new step toward liberating our exhausts and ourselves. I'll go edit it for your convenience. Look for the italics.

longride 09-08-2009 04:32 AM

Hey Ken, let me know where you move to so I can bring my Knuckle there and pi$$ off all your neighbors. Nothing would make me happier.I wonder how they will ban all the loud cars? Of course, they don't have loud cars down there in Flor A Day right?

Kenneth_Moore 09-08-2009 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by longride (Post 223487)
Hey Ken, let me know where you move to so I can bring my Knuckle there and pi$$ off all your neighbors. Nothing would make me happier.I wonder how they will ban all the loud cars? Of course, they don't have loud cars down there in Flor A Day right?

C'mon down! I'll save a spot in the garage for your bike to leak on. We have plenty of tuner-cars with trash can mufflers, muscle cars with Magna Flows, pick'em ups with open headers. Even the Subarus and Volvos are loud in S FL!

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