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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
I love the smell of hypergolics in the morning...

Actually the hypergolics were only for on-orbit work; the OMS engines and the reaction thrusters. You get into orbit on SRBs and main engines. There is a very cool APU subsystem that runs on the hypergolics though while on the pad and in flight. There's 3 APUs, they have a chamber they squirt the fuels into, it goes BOOM and spins a turbine, which then pressurizes the hydraulics. If you watch the telemetry while they're running it's a series of RPM spikes; like some Harley poser blipping his throttle at a stoplight.

It really pisses me off that we don't think we're smart enough to fly Shuttles any more. NASA is scrapping the Shuttles and reverting to oversized Apollo capsules. It's an outrage, we should be building the next generation of shuttle-type air/spacecraft, not backing up to 1960's designs.
It's just typical incompetent bureaucracy. We are falling behind other countries in space exploration and as long it is in the hands of NASA bureaucrats it is doomed.

No to mention that the "we can't waste money on space and research because we need to spend it on social programs" looters are in charge now.

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I float over to this forum today because I'm dreaming about riding my bike again next weekend, and instead I get flashbacks of orgo! After a few years of sniffing hydrazine, I graduated and took my newly minted chem eng degree over to wall st. I'd say it's less hazardous over here, but the last couple of years have proved otherwise!
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