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Stunters Edge
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Default New Magazine!!

There is a new motorcycle magazine coming out. It is internet based sales right now and working on being at your favorite stores soon.
Check it out at Stunters Edge Magazine for subscriptions and apparel.
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I'll get right on it.
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It ain't no Soupa' Squidbike, I bet.........
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My current coffe table magazine is Super Motorcycle Rider and SuperMoto Racer. Nice big glossy pages. Looks great on top of the National Geographic. Now if only I had a coffee table or a spare milk crate.

Stunters Edge? Once again I'm not in the demographic. Now about this peanut butter thing....
STN refugee
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You guys should try riding trials.
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Duuuude, I'd talk to Kevin and ask him "How dead is print?" before I spend a nickel on paper. You pick the wrong time to try to go to print. Web-zine- excellent idea.
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