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Well Montag that's why Vintage/Classic/Bommer classes are taking off so quick. Everybody who knows anything is buying up old two strokes from the 70's, 80's and 90's and riding the wee wee out of 'em.

Had things been different I would have never sold my '87 CR500R, What other bike can you get 8 years out of a piston, and then finally do a top end for less than $400.00?

Not to mention being able to SMOKE every new four striker on top, in the middle and down low.

Your IT was one of the seminal dirt bikes of the late 70's. A keeper. And still a great performing dirt bike.
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I just upgraded to a barely used 2001 (last year produced) CR500. Life is good.

Then I found a 2004 KDX200 with a license plate for $1200. Whoa. Lots of bikes in that garage.
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Default Put some barkbusters on that puppy!

KLR levers might be hard to come by in Central America. Ricor suspesion upgrade would help immensely. As for weight, a KTM 990 or BMW GSA make the KLR seem svelte by comparison. Try sitting on that fence rail of a seat on the EXC for 8 hours at a time...
Steve Strader, Ukiah, CA
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