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newagetwotone 06-24-2009 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by ironoxide (Post 217076)
Yup, agree...boring at best!

pdad13 06-24-2009 08:35 PM

This is one of the few times in my life that I have absolutely nothing to add.

seruzawa 06-24-2009 09:43 PM

I suspect that in another year an ounce of gold will buy you any Harley or custom cruiser you might want.

theDuke 06-24-2009 10:12 PM

This space intentionally left blank

sarnali2 06-24-2009 10:14 PM

You guys probably have no idea what a pain in the ass it is growing up with the same name as a celeb...for that reason alone I wouldn't pee on the guys head if his hair was on fire. I would however **** the **** out of his daughter. I wish I had a nickle for every time I've introduced myself and heard "oh dude, Aerosmith..."......yeah hah ha , never heard that one before.....

Alicia Silverstone is pretty hot in their videos, I'd **** her too

User Name 06-25-2009 12:54 AM

What a snoooooze fest
Hope they find a market in ex Harley customers. Those folks seem to buy anything!

longride 06-25-2009 05:16 AM

"Perhaps a shower with Liv would make me feel better?"

That would make anyone feel better.

longride 06-25-2009 05:28 AM

Rough crowd here. I think these bikes will sell really well because they have those modern age components assembled with old-world skill. How can you beat that combo? You can't. Buy one now before they run out.

MOKE1K 06-25-2009 06:20 AM

Translation: "We already invest a Buz-boatload of money in this loooong before the economy collapsed. Help!"

Perfect Seruzawa!

Kenneth_Moore 06-25-2009 06:45 AM

Steven is a pretty nice guy. He's buddies with Bruce Rossmeyer, and kept a bike or three at Ft. Lauderdale HD. Anytime he was around he'd always chat with everyone and pose for photos and such. He's a tiny little f'er, just over 5' and maybe 110lbs. Looks pretty funny riding on a giant chopper with apes; he's led the "parade" for the Xmas Toy Run for the last 6-8 years. My bet is that Rossmeyer agreed to buy enough bikes from him for the company to break even. He certainly doesn't need the $$.

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