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Default In what direction is motorcycle racing headed?

In what direction is motorcycle racing headed? If someone would have told me five years ago that there would be a clean emission time trial, involving electric bikes, at the Isle of Man TT, I would never have thought that such an event could be exciting or stimulating. A recent article stated that these machines top out at 150 mph. Will this be enough to rouse our senses? And will the bikes hold up to that much abuse?
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Keep in mind we're dealing with "Gen 1" or maybe "1.5" versions of electric bikes. Once there is sufficient interest n the technology I expect we'll see the same exponential rate of technology advancement in electric bikes that we've seen in aircraft, computers, medicine, etc.

The first "real" supersport, the Nija 900, came out in '86. Look at how big a leap that was over the previous bikes, and again at how far ahead an R1 is from that.
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I really like the electric bike advances I've seen in the past year.

As soon as they make an electric dirt bike with 100 mile range, I'm buying!
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We're more like at "Gen 7" or "Gen 8". It's only in the last couple of years that lots of companies have been jumping on the "green bandwagon", and you're hearing about stuff like this. Electric vehicles have been around nearly as long as the Automobile...........
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