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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post

Has a nice ring to it...
Who here's an admin who can change my name? But only after I 100% buy it tomorrow
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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post

Has a nice ring to it...
Does that come with the tuna roll? 'Cause I'm not keen on the eel.
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Originally Posted by Fenton View Post
I'm guessing that anything above a 33" inseam will be a bit cramped. Neat bikes with a great "cult" following. I think the aftermarket can help with just about anything. The corbin is going to cut into a little of the seat to peg gap, so ask if you can give it a sit with the stock seat too.
AND, I happen to have a couple of stockers sittin' around, might even consider a bit of horse-tradin'. But a man's ass will hate him for it if one plans on Long Days in the saddle..........

One of my stockers would make an excellent start if you're just gonna chop it up to fit your own personal rear, and the stocker that originally came on the bike is long gone.

I even know of someone that has an earlier Duc Monster seat and tail section that they were gonna use for a conversion - that setup suits the Hawk just fine, and needs minimal fabrication to get it to bolt up. I think it also increases the seat-to-peg distance (don't quote me on that - have to ask a couple of peeps that have done it for sure) and is more-comfy than the stocker seat.

Whatever you do, don't chop up the Corbin without offering it up for sale or trade first, or you'll probably be crucified.........

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