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Fenton 03-22-2009 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by The_AirHawk (Post 207980)
And we all know how Important it is to be Regular..............

(for frakk's sake ev'rbody - get more fiber in your diet!)

I'm rusty, it's the best I could do on short notice.
Hola, mr. hawk

sarnali2 03-23-2009 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by Duken4evr (Post 207914)
Ya, I love my FZ1. To be honest, it had some pretty unacceptable flaws in stock form. The rear shock is harsh and the engine is heavily neutered with retarded ignition timing and slow opening secondary butterflies in the fuel injection system. After removing the airbox snorkle thingie and secondary butterflies, adding in a full exhaust from Akra and dialing in the fuel and ignition mapping with a PCIII/ignition module, it's good for 150 or so liquid smooth hp. It went from numb, reluctant and a bit vibration prone to a joyfully smooth turbine like rev master, very much like the 04-06 R1 from which it sprang, but with more midrange. It is an awesome street motor in modded form. A Penske shock from Traxxion fixed the rear end. The stock forks are pretty decent.

Resolving the BMW's little "glitch" sounds like child's play compared to what I went through. Modding it has been a journey. Spent many hours on the FZ1OA board, and many hours playing with fuel mapping on my computer. I had buyer's remorse at first, now you would have to pry the FZ from my clutching fingers. It is dialed in tight.

It was fun to do it, kind of nice to have a bike that "needed" me, but I am strange that way. Now I spend lots of time helping others on the FZ board. They can download my PCIII map from my signature line. Constantly getting emails about how that map "transformed" their bikes. Isn't technology grand? :)

Well that's really something. I played freeway tag with a guy on a second gen FZ1 with my '02 Bandit and I was walking away from him everytime. I just assumed he was lame or holding back.. He was all tucked in passing me, then I'd uncork the ol' 1200 and reel him in and pull a hundred yards ahead, then slow down and let him catch up, etc...

guess the FZ1's pretty choked down stock. As a side note, my friends K1200S flat ran away and hid from the poor Bandit, leaving me peering at the license plate as it disappeared over the horizon...

Duken4evr 03-24-2009 04:54 PM

The Gen II FZ1 is a more high rpm biased motor. Sounds like he was rolling it on from lower rpm. Your Bandit is a gruntmaster deluxe and will kill a stock FZ1 and no doubt pull away from my bike at 4,500 rpm. Why Yamaha shoved 2 corks up the bike's butt and strangled it at low and midrange rpm is beyond me.

The cool thing is the motor is basically a lightly changed 04-06 R1 job, same throttle body size and all. Uncork it and it will run decently strong at lower rpm and it will smoothly rev like a banshee, camming up hard at 8,000 rpm and winding in an eeriely smooth effortless fashion all the way to 12,250 rpm. It is fast enough to get the front end wagging off corners, the scenery all blurry, and in general scare the hell out of me.

Complete thread jack, but here is a little video of my FZ1, making some high rpm music. Still slideshow pics with sound, to protect the questionably innocent...

Dale Walker puts togther some mean Bandits of course. I have a soft spot for the rustly sound and fat midrange power of those air/oil cooled Suzukis going back to a certain '86 GSXR1100 :D

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