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Default synthetic oil in my 2004 V star 1100

My 2004 v star 1100 has 9500 miles on it. i have been told not to use synthetic due to the miles on my bike. Lucas oil Co. states that i can use either 1030 synthetic or 2050 synthetic because it has the proper addatives for the clutch. if this is true ? Can someone also tell me the benefits to using either the 1030 or 2050 synthetic.
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I'd say 10w30 was too thin. The best bet is whatever the factory recommends, most likely 10w40 or 20w50.... 15w40 Shell Rotella is an excellent Heavy Duty oil rated for diesels, a lot of people, myself included have put many miles on it, it's probably the best organic oil you can buy, dirt cheap too @ around $13.00 a gallon. If you're not comfortable with that then Mobil 1 V Twin full synthetic or really any 20w50 will work, the chief benefit with synthetic oils is they can withstand higher heat and flow better when cold. If you're changing your oil at the recommended intervals it's a moot point really, any 10w40 or 20w50 will work.

..........Unless of course you run into some Amsoil Moonie who will swear the stuff runs out of Gods ass and is the only possible oil to use.......ignore them and you'll be fine.
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"...Amsoil Moonie..." priceless
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There are millions of motorcyclists and millions of opinions about oil. You can't use almost all car oils because they lack certain addictives. However Diesel engine oils like RotallaT work fine. Some synthetics will work like Mobil One. Basically I have never heard of a motorcycle engine failure because of an oil as long as the oil is motorcycle compatible and it is changed regularly according to manufacturer specifications. All else is unscientifically generated opinion. Autozone carries Castrol M/C oil. It's about the cheapest bike oil. No one has ever proved it's any worse than the very expensive stuff.
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No one has ever proved it's any worse than the very expensive stuff.

I agree with this statment, I think its who sells you on their brand.
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