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Originally Posted by BrowningBAR View Post
What type of riding do you do? What has been your longest trip? What is the highest speed that it is still comfortable at? Gas mileage and tank range?

Always good to hear from people that actually own a bike that has been reviewed.
Whoever designed the 250 bikes with a ~2gal tank should be forced to push home every bike that ever ran out of gas on a trip

I would definately recommend a bigger tank for anyone on a 250 anyway since less stops = more fun.

I get about 110-ish miles per tank if I am not on it all the time (I am at stock displacement, and a few mods)

Remember, I'm stressing the bike more because I am kinda big. it's going to use more fuel hauling me around than a 150lb rider.

One of the mods a lot of people do (At least on the KLX forums I frequent) is put in the IMS/Clarke/Acerbis 3+gal tank (Requires a few minor mods, but works well)

I'm 11.1 miles from work, and commute via half city roads, half country roads, so there is a nice change of scenery.

Cold starting the Kawasaki KLX 250 used to be a PITA. Once I jetted it correctly and picked up the tip to run it out of gas before parking it, its a breeze to cold start. 2 seconds on the starter the next morning at 0°F - 40°F and it fires right up with the choke on.

I cannot speak to the milage for those with the 331cc kit or the 351cc kit.

Maintenance-wise, the Carb is a PITA to remove. Get yourself a flexible fuel/air screw to make those fine-tuning adjustments so you don't have to remove the carb to get to it. Seriously. I'd rather do a bottom end on a 75 bultaco than remove the KLX carb again.

Replacing both Fork Springs on the KLX is a 30 minute job, and replacing the Shock spring is easy as well.

Increasing air flow of the air box by replacing the KLX snorkle with the KDX is easy and an effective upgrade!

There are a BUTTLOAD, let me repeat that, a BUTT-LOAD of common parts between this bike and others. In many cases you can buy parts cheaper for the other bike than the Kawasaki part sells for. Additionally, most of the KLX300 mods fit this bike perfectly.

My longest trip was only about 85 miles, but that's because I bought the bike in Winter and really had only 1 good day to take a trip on. It was comfortable and I did not get monkey butt. I know others who put 400+miles on theirs in a single day.

The rest of the time, it's to work and back, or to the Safety Course (I help out with the local MSF Rider Safety Course)

It will run 75mph (indicated) all day long, but it was just a little bit "buzzy". I always upgrade grips to the pillow type and wear good gloves so that takes some of the buzz away for me.
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Good info, Mandark. Let us know when you take a trip out west!
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